Friday, August 19, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

The Lowdown on Beta Blockers

In this video, I describe the protective value of beta blockers and discuss the elements that should be considered when choosing one.

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23 thoughts on “The Lowdown on Beta Blockers
  1. 10:00 I'm taking 5mg Nebivolol per Day during the Offseason, for me it doesn't reduce Workout Capacity, might even improve it by Preventing Blood Pressure from Rising too much during Heavy Sets to Failure. Bro Science Alert; It might also "Preserve" Calories for Recovery by reducing Heart Rate throughout the Day. Hopefully it will prevent CPK Levels somewhat as well.

  2. I currently take Propranolol for anxiety. How much will it hinder my current fat loss phase?how should I time it to least impact it? I workout in the evening, cardio in morning.

  3. Another (one of many) things that really impresses me is you don’t read of a script. You aren’t a Google champion you speak with all that knowledge instilled within you. So God dam impressive.

  4. I am on 2,5 nebivolol before sleep for a month . Def feeling more night random erections and morning erecution. BP and HR very very stable during the whole day. Didn´t feel an influence in workout . Very useful for me . Thank you Leo for such good info, best regards from Sao Paulo Brazil.

  5. Leo I have access to propranolol and I’m thinking of trying to lower my sympathetic NS a little bit for mental health/anxiety. Is it ok to take as needed before or after a stressful event, or better to take daily/2x per day? What’s a low beginning dose for each of these 2 circumstances? I’ve researched a bit and see a lot of reports of hair loss, and of withdrawal in the form of overactivity of sympathetic. Thoughts?

  6. Would like a deep dive into the statin you mentioned to Boston Lloyd . Or just drop the name in here and I'll do my own digging. Either way…thanks for what you do.

  7. Hi Leo, please could you make an in-depth video on the health benefits/ramifications of powerlifting & weight training in general? Jason Blaha explains its health benefits for longevity is overwhelming in the scientific literature. I`m sure many of us would appreciate your take on the subject ( not Jason Blaha). Thanks

  8. Hello Leo!! X-Posting from Reddit in hopes you can include this topic un your next Q&A
    Leo. First of all I got to thank you for all the content you’ve been uploading so frequently. I’ve learnt so much.

    I wanted to ask you to consider making a video talking about the deep endocrine changes chronic marijuana use have both in male and females. There are many conflicting studies about its particular effects in Testosterone, GH, and Cortisol in the body (just to name a few).

    Are there any potential benefits to moderately consume cannabis in an enhanced bodybuilding lifestyle??

    I think this would make for another great vid.

    Thank you so much!!

  9. I take a beta blocker due to having Graves disease ( causing Hyperthyroidism) Have you ever researched Graves ? I am also having my Thyroid removed soon.

  10. Combining the beta blocker nebivolol with an ACE inhibitor is shown to have cardioprotective effects in the long run ,can combining them both also would be a good choice for a steroid user? or a beta1 blocker with a shorter half life combined with a ACE inhibitor would be a better choice for steroid users?

  11. i have been eating 1 meal a day around 600pm daily (23 hours & 45 minute daily fast) and when i eat that meal its purely animal source (fish , or beef , or egg , or lamb, or seafood) and add a bit of shredded cheese for flavor but i have not been eating vegetables/bread/fruits/rice EXCEPT on saturday at 600pm i have no animal protein at all on this day and will have vegetables/rice/garlic-bread/potato (fries, wedges) in a 15 minute period – is that ok in your opinion (6 days ON 1 day OFF) ? i dont consume soft drinks or bottled fruit juice or chocolate or biscuits or ice cream at all

  12. Can you make a detailed upload about your asthma? and what you take (ventolin reliever , or a steroid like symbicort taken even 12 hours , or whether you use a Philips nebulizer with saline & ventolin liquid mixed-in)?

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