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Cold Thermogenesis

10 Ways to Lose Weight Whilst Sleeping

We would all love to shed those extra pounds but how about trying to lose weight without doing anything? What if I told you there was a way to lose weight by sitting down all day or even sleeping.

Sound like a joke right? But there are actual ways of losing weight without even trying and this has to do with increasing you metabolism and this is all down to the person’s metabolism. People with high metabolism burn more calories at rest whilst those with slower metabolism burn less.

10 – Thyroid gland
Thyroid gland – this is a gland in the neck which significantly controls your metabolism. So if you have a thyroid gland which is underactive your body will start piling on the pounds without even trying.
• The thyroid gland uses iodine to make thyroid hormone. And if your body doesn’t get enough iodine in your diet your metabolism will slow down significantly. Ways to boost iodine in the body is by eating ionised salt, shellfish, tuna, eggs prunes and seaweed.
• Zinc and selenium are also 2 more vitamins which are essential for healthy thyroid functioning. Foods which contain these essential vitamins include red meat, chicken, nuts and grains.

Number 9 – Drinking more water
• Drinking water can boost your metabolism by up to 30%. The science behind this is that for your body to function correctly and digest food it needs water to break the bonds between foods and chemicals, a process called a hydrolysis.
• This process is boosted by drinking cold water. Your body maintains a fixed core body temperature and if you cool it by drinking cold water, your body has to warm it up again taking energy and calories to do so – a process called thermogenesis.

Number 8 – staying cooler
• This carries on from the last point. If you keep your body cooler your body has to burn energy and calories to keep make heat and keep it at the right temperature.
• So keeping your body cooler will boost your metabolism. Having a cold shower in the morning have shown to burn hundreds of extra calories daily.

Number 7 – Protein consumption
• When you eat food it needs to be digested by the body. Digesting food, breaking it down and storing it takes up energy. Compared to other food groups like fats and carbs protein takes the most amount of energy to digest. In fact up to a third of the calories in protein are taken up in the digestion process.

Number 6 – Caffeine
• Caffeine has been found to have multiple benefits to help reduce weight. Having coffee in the morning can help to boost your metabolism by 100 calories a day. It does this by increasing fat burning hormones helping to reduce body fat burning calories.
• Having caffeine before exercise can also make you feel less tired so you end up exercising more with more force burning more energy and calories.

Number 5 – cooking oil
• Butter contains long chain triglycerides whilst palm or coconut oil contains higher quantities of medium chain triglycerides. Research has found that consuming more medium chain triglycerides compared to long chain triglycerides can increase your metabolism by up to 8%.

Number 4 – Spicy food
• Evidence has shown that eating spicy food can help boost your metabolism. Research has shown that chillies contain a chemical capped capsaicin. This is what gives chillies their spice. Capsaicin has been shown to have a thermogenic effect meaning that it heats your body up when digesting food. As you know by now the extra heat generated by the body use energy boosting you metabolism.
• Furthermore eating spicy food which contains Capsaicin helps to naturally restrict your diet.

Number 3 – Sleep
• Sleep is vital for healthy bodily functioning but not sleeping enough can be terrible for your metabolism and body weight.
• Not getting enough sleep and feeling tired in the morning can be detrimental to your health. Research has shown that just a few days of poor sleep can change your hormonal balance. Not sleeping enough mean your body is not getting the rest it needs and to compensate your hunger hormones increase so you often end up eating more.

Number 2 – Apple cider vinegar
• Use apple cider vinegar in your diet
• People who you Apple cider vinegar in their diet have shown to eat fewer calories during the day. Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural appetite suppressant by telling the brain you’re full even though you’ve eaten less food.
• Apple cider vinegar also helps to boost your fat burn metabolism so you can break down more fat without trying.

Number 1 – Fibre
• So what is fibre – fibrous foods are complex carbohydrate which are found in plant that can’t be digested or absorbed by body. So fruit veg nuts and whole grain are packed full of fibre.
• Fibrous food take longer to chew so can make you feel fuller quicker. They also fill up your stomach quickly making you feel fuller for longer.

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