Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

How Many Calories Should You Eat When Injured?

Thyroid damage occurs in the absence of sufficient daily carbohydrates. Since the thyroid regulates our body fat and mood then it makes sense to ALWAYS look after our bodies carb CRAVINGS every meal. 🙂

Decreased carb intake will increase TSH and SHBG causing a negative cascade of post starvation adaptive thermogenesis. Dont believe me? Just look at people who fear always getting enough carbs.

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15 thoughts on “How Many Calories Should You Eat When Injured?
  1. It's hard for some people though. My wife for example, who I've spoken to you about before, is now on the HCLF protocol, and she's gaining weight (already obese) and it's really bothering her mentally. She's been eating great daily from oats, fruit, ice, potatoes, pasta and feeling good from it and not hungry, but it's made her bloated (looks pregnant) and putting weight on weekly. How long does it usually take before the weight starts falling off? I appreciate it's different for everyone.

  2. Family in left, wife says to husband…."I saw you looking at that chicks arse"
    Anybody else see the fat guy with the walking stick almost go into a jog when Natasha went by. Haha

  3. I had a back operation 7 years ago. I got in to cycling after coming across your channel on utube searching for exercising with a bad back and cycling has changed my life.

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