Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Magnesium Benefits | Should We Use A Supplement?

Magnesium is often touted as a wonder supplement that lowers the risk of diabetes, improves blood pressure, strengthens bones and muscle, protects the heart, and boosts brain function. So what does the research show, get we get enough magnesium from our diet alone, and what form of magnesium is best?

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Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video:

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28 thoughts on “Magnesium Benefits | Should We Use A Supplement?
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  2. Hi Dr. I watch your videos…great wok…finding out what things you do to improve health….wondering what things you don't do…that is, have you covered the subject of environmental toxins and health?…such as acrylamide and food born AGEs?

  3. And this Capsule Brand doesn't have Magnesium Stearate this may partially metabolize into FORMALDEHYDE listed as Carcinogen by U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  4. Dr Brad Stanfield you should really consider posting your videos on the longevity subreddit. I know they will appreciate your content a lot.

  5. Thanks for the video a lot.I am taking Jarrow's L threonate 2 pills one hour prior to sleep and one pill of magnezium complex 100mg in the morning with mag taurinate ,bliglisinate and magnezium malate mixture.

  6. Be careful with the fasting. I just did a 10 day fast and ended up with severe constipation. My stool was like clay and went through an excruciating 4 days before my bowel movements were somewhat back to normal. In hindsight I would have eaten a super fiber day on the last food day and increased my liquid consumption 1.5 – 2x. Better a little diarrhea than constipation.

  7. Doc: Thanks for ALL your videos! VERY helpful. I checked the Amazon Customer Reviews for the Mg Taurate linked in your show notes. The "1 Star" Customer Reviews are enlightening. Seems like this company changed the formula for the product and it now has problems. Is there a second version of Mg Taurate which you would include in your listing? Thanks.

  8. IT DOES WORK FOR LEG CRAMPS! I began taking magnesium malate years ago because I suffered from chronic leg cramps at night. Worked like a charm! I haven't had a muscle cramp since then.

  9. When comparison shopping watch for two things:
    1. The serving size (If One serving =3 pills = 3x the price)
    2. The total size vs the actual Mg. (Ex. 2000mg provides only 200 mg of Mg)
    Direct comparison can me very complex, (I use excel).

  10. The main question is if the plants that we are eating are grown at soil with enough Mg?
    If not (most probably), then the tables showing plant's Mg content are not correct

  11. Great presentation, Dr. Brad! Love your content because it really is science-based. Also, very useful stuff! Once I found your channel, I immediately subscribed, being most impressed with the topics you present.
    I have a couple of questions. Where I live, I can only get Mg as the chloride, and in powder form. My multivitamin supplement has none. Similarly, I only have Potassium chloride, Zinc and Copper sulphates in powder form. I take my multi, and these extra minerals in either vinegar (acetic acid), a citric acid solution, or in yoghurt (lactic acid), as I read that organic acids increase the absorption of minerals. What are your thoughts on this?

    My other question is: how do I increase absorption of B and C (ascorbic acid) vitamins? I usually add these to yoghurt, which I leave overnight and take the next day along with my multi. Does that help?

    Finally, what do you think about taking iodine as Lugol's solution?

    You have a lot of videos on your channel, but not too many on minerals. Maybe you should do one or a small series on minerals in general? Thank you, & I hope you find the time to address my questions. Best wishes!

  12. Very surprised study found no link between cramps prevention and Magnesium. I dance salsa for several hours at dance workshops and used to wake up later with leg cramps, took Magnesium power after dances, cramps went away. Got lazy about taking supplement cramps came back. Can't believe it was just placebo.

  13. Diet is definately the issue. But, since I was 40 I started having optical migraines and arthritis. Doctors just gave pain killers and told me to look for trigger for the optical migraines. I suffered for 20 years thinking it was just age.

    I started by eating better and losing weight, but not much changed. Then almost by accident I saw a video on magnesium and the effects of deficiency. I started taking 500mg a day. Less then a week later my pain was gone. I never had another attack of optical migraine, and I've been pain free for three years.

    Now I know it's not age, which is why I eat one healthy meal a day. I now eat specifically for the nutrients. I also watch this guy for anti aging tips. But due to the fact that our soil isn't what it used to be, so you guarentee your food has all the magnesium it should. So I continue taking 500mg a day, just to make sure.

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