Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Pelvic Floor Q&A Live with Denise Conway

In this Pelvic Floor Q&A Live session, Denise answered questions on pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor tension, vaginismus, retention, constipation and other conditions. These live sessions will happen on Wednesday each week.

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Remember that your body is an amazing self-healing organism and if you give it the right stimulus, great things can happen!

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6 thoughts on “Pelvic Floor Q&A Live with Denise Conway
  1. Denise I am doing hypopressives and exercises with Shirley Boersson in South Africa. I believe my pelvic floor is strenghened. I don't have incontinence but I do feel the prolapse from time to time

  2. Thank you for your speedy reply. I'm the one who asked about prolapse in hot weather. I have no monthly cycle. Am 66 years old. I had prolapse last June and started hypopressives training with an instructor. It could be I have results by now, but it did seem the prolapse was much less once cold weather came in.

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