Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Faster Weight Loss – The Hidden KEY: NEAT

Would you like to lose weight faster? Why does Calories In Calories Out (CICO) seem you work for some people but not for others? Is it some secret combination of foods? No! Is it metabolism? Is it hormonal? Maybe. For most people, the answer may lie in an important factor many experts seem to completely gloss over: NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

Harvard Medical School Article – Calories burned in 30 minutes for people of three different weights:

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34 thoughts on “Faster Weight Loss – The Hidden KEY: NEAT
  1. I read several articles about this! I have been paying attention to my body's way of burning calories lately and found what you are saying to be true. Sometimes all it takes is doing something to get my heart rate up for 10 minutes and after I can feel my body still being in that fat burning mode. It's pretty amazing actually!

  2. Wow i love this. Also i always wash our dishes by hand and I think I'll keep on doing so even though we got a dishwasher not too long ago. I'll keep those for when ppl come over and it's quite late !

  3. Hey Alexander thanks for the informative video! Appreciate all the details. I have the same lawnmower too! It’s nice & quite, I listen to audiobooks & get better exercise. Your content is very timely, subscribed 👊😊

  4. I love your NEAT concept. Yes, you are right. Calories can be hard to burn and they do not burn the same way in everybody… the metabolism is not the same for everyone and the hormonal imbalances count for sure.
    Thanks for another great video. New here! Great job!

  5. You make a really cool point here, hadn’t really thought about this other than checking my Fitbit from time to time. I think you’re on to something!

  6. Alexander wow this is a such a simple concept. If you just become more active during the day while doing everyday task then you will burn more calories. You may not feel it instantly but over a period of time you will notice a huge difference. I love this message.

  7. wow Very Nice 👍👍
    Superb 🌹
    Lovely video ☺☺
    Keep it up dear friend 😊😊👍
    stay Conected with me Always 🌹🌹
    NEW FRIEND HERE i will join you hope you do same bck 😃😃

  8. This is def overlooked, great info.. goes hand in hand w/ the after burn also ! I know what it’s like trying to grow your channel, keep going, just subbed !

  9. Hi! I found you through Red Head Goes Healthy. Your explanation is so easy to understand! I watch the long, sciency videos on thermogenesis but really this is all we need to know. subbing 🤗

  10. This is the first time for me hearing about NEAT~basically meaning get up and do something, anything!!! I love it~ am so happy that you found my video really, am already loving the tips you are giving, am happy this is the first video i watched and its just reminding me of the basic everyday life things that i need to keep doing to help me lose weight. Awesome👍👍

  11. I'm here from a Redhead Goes Healthy video where she mentioned you. great video mate! I have been using an APP to loosely track my calorie intake and exercise 4-5 times a week and track those calorie losses also, I had never really thought about all the extra calorie losses you mentioned so thanks for the video! I've subscribed to you as you have some great perspectives. I'm up to week five in my weight loss journey and have been documenting my progress also. So far I've lost over 10.5 kgs (23lbs) so pretty stoked with my progress, great tips mate, thank you!

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