Friday, August 19, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Weight Creep in Maintenance

Bright Lifers have been asking me for a long time to talk about a particular subject, and because it’s very much on my mind right now, I decided to address it in this week’s Vlog. Watch to hear all about it.



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14 thoughts on “Weight Creep in Maintenance
  1. I honestly don't even believe in weight "maintenance." After 17 years, your body is STILL trying to gain back the weight you initially lost, and will do so at the slightest slip of the leash. Why? From observing other chronic dieters, the reality is very clear: you are either actively restricting (regardless of how/what you call it) or engaging in reactive eating (the normal and natural reaction a human body has to forced, prolonged restriction…. commonly referred to as "binging" or "yo yo dieting" or "falling off of the wagon" or "relapse").

  2. Love it!! Having freedom, neutrality and peace. I have heard you mention sometimes that people in maintainance do brightline eating different ways. Can you talk more about this?

  3. Fell off the wagon for 3 days but… I'm back. Rezoom took longer than normal for me but… At least I'm back in track. This is a learning journey. Love BLE. ❤️🇨🇦❤️

  4. I loved this vlog! It would be interesting to learn whether or not phytotoxins are actually healthy for those putting auto-immune disease into remission.

    Often folks seem to attribute lowered metabolic processes to aging, in reality there is so much more in play—your mental attitudes, the climate you live, how you move your body throughout normal processes in the day (steps, fidgeting, etc.)…so cool! Another epic vlog in 2021!!! Can’t wait until next Wednesday.

  5. Really needed this! Susan, please do a vlog regarding ADD and brightine. When you have ADD you crave quick stimulation to get you back in your body. This made my year on the program difficult as I felt very disconnected from my body and retreated from the world. Usually I went to S or excersise (like dance) to keep me grounded, out of my head and able to cope with my external environment. I suspect those who have ADHD, autism, some introverts or certian personally types may experience the same dilemma. Thanks, Donna Hinkley

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