Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Embracing Chaos with Dr Jack Kruse | TotalHealth TV

This week my guest on Living aTotally Healthy Life is Dr. Jack Kruse. We will exploring how to Embrace Chaos. Dr. Kruse will share the keys to becoming self-reliant, self-aware, self-actualized and self-empowered during time of uncertainty and change. In this dynamic conversation we are diving deep into the critical factors that will help us return to our resilient Selves. This is a conversation not to be missed.

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse’s research has been published in respected dental and medical journals. His popular blog,, gets over 2,500,000 unique worldwide visitors per month from countries like Australia, Germany, Russia, and Africa.


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31 thoughts on “Embracing Chaos with Dr Jack Kruse | TotalHealth TV
  1. I have M.E. and I'd like to live abroad, (currently in Scotland) but dont think I could adapt easily to living without friends and family being around.

  2. All political systems subscribe to the same ideology that is destroying all life and is the cause of all man-made, unnatural, unneccesary suffering on earth: Narcissism. No, it is not the boogie man psychopath that you need to point the finger at, it is narcissism we ALL have been trained and neurologically wired to embody and become. It is all a fiction that has dire consequences, as we see with the exploit system of capitalism that is driving the wireless society towards the fate of human extinction (beings in bodies sustained by tech that is owned by someone like gates is NOT natural, so it is not human any more.)

    In any case, both "sides" work together against their sworn duty to the whole of the public one example being codefying the secrecy of their financial decisions as a matter of regular operational policy, turning the US into what was at least on paper a constitutional republic into a fascist state. Fitts of Solari dug that one fact out but there are many examples of this glaring fact that there really, ultimately is only ONE political party in terms of our role in being represented as equally worthy living beings.

  3. Thank you for the lesson from this very important input in making our singular journey the best shot. Health is key, knowledge inn the invitation to know more. Value oneself by understanding how to provide yourself what your living organism needs. Peter Henri Dragonas, M.D., Boston & NYC.

  4. 31:19 Fauci is in NIH Record (4-2019) issue as saying: "There's no hoard of unknown viruses out there we don't know about". If Covid19 hasn't changed his mind, he's in thrall to bigPharma, the vaccine industry, etc. as Kruse says he is

  5. He mentioned at 55:00 about NYC. This video explains a nurses experience of working in the NYC hospital. They were effectively ordered to put patients on ventilators that were killing their patients, regardless of condition. A 37 year old walked in stressed and died when he was perfectly healthy. And they were mixing covid and non covid patients.. and not allowed to use treatments that have worked.

  6. 29:50 – UV light and corona
    "If you live indoors like they do in nursing homes….you are blue light toxified." Meaning: at far higher risk for complications related to covid
    51:42 – wearing masks = no bueno
    54:30 – isolation = no bueno

    Factoid- 1968 was first coronavirus "outbreak " and everyone did nothing. Nothing major happened.

  7. I didn't catch the name of that less expensive blue blocking glasses company, it wasn't clear, was it "blue shield"? That's what it sounded like but I can't find it. Does anyone know? (not RA optics, the other one)

  8. Jack kruse advice single handily changed my life. If i dont get an hour of sunrise the rest of my day i jus do unhealthy things. I feel sluggish and dead. I eat and smoke too much. Literally something as simple as the sun rise changed my life. A lot of people don’t believe me when i try to give them the same advice. Im 23 and it completely cleared up my skin and face eczema, my digestive system and the most important one of all, my penis. Every thing is working top notch thank u Kruse bless people take him seriously he is spittin wisdom dont let it go over ya head

  9. Another Neurosurgeon with a god like ego. I've dealt with plenty. There are not many with both the humility and intelligence of
    Ben Carson, a strong Christian man who knows our creator.

  10. Dr. Jack believes humans evolved from monkeys. He needs to learn about our creator, the one that created us and the sun. His teachings are good, though far out in left field and far away from mainstream medicine. If you are going to "worship" the sun as the cure for all, please read the Bible cover to cover and learn about our God that created that sun, that created us in His image. Please learn about His son, Jesus Christ, the one that truly deserves our worship. Reading the Bible, in the morning sunlight, good diet, exercise. If you leave out the first one on the list, your soul and your spirit will suffer and the rest of the list will not matter. Your spirit will live forever in Heaven. Your body is just temporary.

  11. Jacky boy wants the White House to notice him so badly and put him on TV. UV light will kill the coronavirus if someone sneezes or coughs on you? Is that what you are saying? All people got corona indoors of course because the virus doesn't live in UV sunlight? Really? Ridiculous. What about Clorox, Jack? Was that great advice as well? "Nature has its skin in the game." What is a tree supposed to do, Jack, walk or fly or build a house around it? Like Trump he insults everyone else who's not like him. Better check your haplotype, right Jack? Like that means anything at all and you can't tell people what to do without knowing that. Tell everyone how you check your heteroplasmy and how far apart your Cytochromes are. Keep insulting the food gurus and money, right Jack? How much do you charge an hour to tell people to sit in the sun? How about to come to your compound to eat seafood? Or go to Mexico with you? You talk about food not being important. This is totally false and you know this. Read your book. Listen to your audio tapes for the last 10 years.

  12. The only problem I have with Jack is that he eats alot of omega 3. When you consume omega 3 and combined with sunlight you get lipid oxidation causing lipofuscin which is evidently on Jack's forehead.

  13. Embracing the suck, embracing the chaos is done at any given moment by accepting what is and that means what ever it is. This stops the tangent, it stops the excuses.

  14. I garden 2 hours a day, most of my food comes from the garden, I get full easy and don't eat that much. So it's better to think about the garden while being in the garden than to be thinking about the garden while inside at night time.

  15. Moreover , media and political elites prefer people weak,addicted,and complacent. Over time we see elitist culture largely attracting overt malignant narcissists chronically in need of controlling others in order to feed the false self and its grandiose appetites . In return people under their sway get back little morsels of security and safety– which in turn become illusory and based upon lies. The more one embraces the certitude of life as primarily chaotic discomfort and struggle, the less one is susceptible to the devil's bargain offered by the cabal of collective narcissists. Embrace the chaos as Dr. Kruse advises: seek out nature and the higher truths. Get strong. We'll need it!

  16. Dr. Kruse shared some interesting information, but doesn't believe in good food. He has some strong Liver energy that maybe could benefit from natural foods. If sunlight is all we need, what about all the tropical countries that have so many sick people who spend great amount of time under the sun.

  17. The interesting thing regarding sunglasses is that my optician insists that I wear them at all times outside.

    I don't wear them at dawn, and I'm now trying to not wear them during the day – I have very light coloured eyes and this is difficult at times.

  18. Where I come from , there is a saying " a house that don't see the sun sees a doctor " thanks for a common sense approach and sound advice.

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