Monday, November 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Fasting Benefits Enhanced by Cold Temperatures

Scripps Research Institute recently found that elevated room temperature reduced the beneficial metabolic effects of calorie restriction by up to 78 percent!

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34 thoughts on “Fasting Benefits Enhanced by Cold Temperatures
  1. I gotta say, I am prepared to do a lot of things. I have tried the raw meat diet (even drank a raw liver shake), done water only fasts for days, cut out coffee, wine and all sugar, woke up at to get an hours exercise in before work; and yet everything in me wants to run a mile when you say cold immersions. I would do anything for health, but that truly sounds like pure torture to me.

  2. This certainly explains a lot… Also the different temperament of people from different climates. Speaking from personal experience as well, and how mentally different I am 10 years after changing my environment and lifestyle.

  3. Really take a look at Tony Heller's site if you want to learn about how the data on "climate change" is being manipulated. We are not in the midst of any kind of climate emergency, no less an anthropologic one. This isn't even a record fire season, but a great deal of the current issue can be attributed to poor land management and overzealous tree huggers.

  4. If I take a cold shower and I don't shiver will I still get some of the benefits of cold or does the water have to be so cold that I shiver?

  5. Your Iodine is super overpriced !!
    Again one of these products that are already available for much better prices but you are using your credibility again to make buck.
    Regarding magnesium:
    In one of your videos you're saying magnesium citrate is basically a laxative, has a poor bio availability and should only be taken when one wants to have a good bowel movement. But yet your mega super duper electrolyte formula contains magnesium citrate and is overpriced as hell.
    I start loosing my faith in you man.

  6. Women feeling cold first has to do with Volume vs. Surface Area since they're smaller.

    They have a larger surface area in relationship to volume when compared to a larger man. Volume produces the heat, surface area disperses it into the environment.

  7. In 1669, Hans Moritz Ayrmann visited Moscow. He wrote about Russian baths: โ€œOrdinary people who together build baths on running water, as soon as they have warmed up more strongly, go out, as God created them, into cold running water and sit in it for a long time, no matter whether it is summer or winter. In summer, they descend into the water like a ladder of two long logs, between them they alternately hang in the water. And in winter they make large holes in the ice and so they throw themselves into the icy water. They find it very healthy."

  8. 2 things, I use an Oura ring and live in the Willamette Valley. My HRV was in the toilet for a few days. Secondly, if I want to build muscle, how do I benefit from cold plunges? Alternate days? I'm under the understanding that the reduction of inflammation from cold immersion therapy also means a halting of muscle growth.

  9. I wonder if this Wim Hoff stuff isn't a way to hack the benefits of HIIT without exercising . Similar to how keto is a hack to reap some of the rewards of fasting while still eating.

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