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Cold Thermogenesis

11 Benefits Of COLD SHOWERS – 30 Days Of Cold Showers


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When it comes to weight loss, any trick or shortcut is greatly appreciated. From metabolism-boosting teas to tasty low-calorie meals.

Now you can add cold showers to your list of useful tactics.

Regular exposure to the cold is known to increase your metabolic rate sharply. It also helps encourage the body to generate a type of fat tissue that is excellent at burning off calories.

When the body is cold, it has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This, in turn, burns many calories with very little effort on your part.

With all things, taking cold showers won’t immediately put you in your summer body (if only things were that easy). But it could be the little extra help you need to finally get to the size you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

One of the most common uses of cold showers and ice baths is an increase in circulation of blood around the body.

Carrying on from the last point, our bodies have to work harder to maintain a comfy temperature. So the heart gets stimulated and pumps blood around faster. This is thought to increase recovery
after strenuous exercise and increases the speed of healing after an injury.

It’s the same thought process as putting ice-packs on a bruise or a torn muscle. The cold helps bring down inflammation as the body quickly brings new warmer blood to that area, allowing it to heal faster.

A cold shower after high-impact exercise is greatly recommended. You’ll recover quicker and you’ll be able to get right back to working out again.

If you have poor circulation or suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure, a cold shower may also help to relieve the effects of those conditions.

Taking a cold shower a couple of times a week could help you live a stronger and healthier life, so it may be worth giving it a try.

However, if you have injured yourself, aside from faster recovery, cold showers supply an additional benefit.

Reduced pain. Recent research has found that cold water has pain-killing effects when applied to an injured area.

Coldwater constricts blood vessels, which, in turn, reduces pain responses. Not only that, but the cold helps to slow the speed of pain signals to the brain.

When we’re aching, we’re often attracted to the sound of a warm bath, but it turns out that quite the opposite might actually help.

That’s where our next point comes in.

The same reaction that helps to increase circulation and reduce pain actually soothes sore muscles as well. If you apply the shower to a particular area that’s sore, the rush of blood will help to repair the damaged muscles and help it heal faster.

If you have a cold shower without focusing the water on a particular point, you’ll still appreciate the benefit of soothing muscles. But you’ll feel a more general sense of relief instead of immediate assistance.

The cold blast and shock of the shower will also help to distract you from the aching or pain you may be feeling.

So next time you’re hurting, instead of relaxing in that warm bath, try to shock yourself with a refreshing cold blast of water instead.

If we get angry or worked up, it’s often recommended to take a cold shower in order to calm down. There’s more to this logic than just a method of distraction.

When hit by a sudden burst of cold, the body sends electrical impulses to your brain. These impulses spike your energy levels and increase the productions of endorphins.

Endorphins are the hormones that make us feel good and happy. It’s for this reason, similar hydrotherapy is recommended to people suffering from depression.

Just taking a cold shower for a couple of minutes every few days has been found to relieve symptoms of depression in some people.

Those endorphins also play into this next benefit. As the shock of cold water encourages endorphin release, it also activates the nervous system overall. When this part of your brain is activated it clears your head and allows you to think clearer and better.

In order to benefit from this effect, it’s recommended to take the cold shower early in the morning in order to come at the day bright and bushy-tailed. You’ll be open-minded and ready to take on anything that’s thrown at you!

So cold showers aren’t just for physical health, after 30 days of this, you might just find yourself happier as well as healthier.

Watch the complete video to find out all the 11 benefits of cold showers.

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