Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

How Obesity Begins in the Eye & How Sunlight is the Driving Factor for Evolution with Dr. Jack Kruse

In today’s episode Matt chats with Dr. Jack Kruse, a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Kruse Longevity Center. The Kruse Longevity Center is a health and wellness establishment which helps their patients avoid the healthcare burdens people typically encounter as they age.

“Instead of working with the paleo movement, I decided I was going to teach them a lesson [about circadian biology].” -Dr. Jack Kruse

Matt and Dr. Jack Kruse delve into the lightbulb moment he experienced regarding leptin and how he impacted the paleo community through circadian biology. Dr. Kruse briefly discusses evolutionary biology in terms of the mitochondria, factor x, cold thermogenesis, and the brain gut. During a brief overview of evolutionary biology he shares why he loves Mexico so much! The conversation circles back to the importance of cold thermogenesis, the brain gut and Dr. Jack’s research on these concepts throughout the past 15 years. Later, they discuss why mammals cannot live without DHA from Omega-3. Take a seat, relax, and get ready to learn more through Matt’s chat with Dr. Jack Kruse!

“Eat like a great white shark and live like a polar bear.” -Dr. Jack Kruse

Episode Highlights:
[02:00] Jack Kruse shares his origin story.
[06:30] A birds eye view of leptin and how it works in the body.
[11:11] Blue light toxicity and COVID19.
[16:32] How he impacted the paleo community.
[20:11] What is causing leptin resistance today?
[29:05] His brief overview of evolutionary biology.
[47:05] Cold thermogenesis, brain gut and UV light.
[58:40] The East African Rift and DHA.
[01:11:32] The importance of scientists that continue researching what they believe in!

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3 thoughts on “How Obesity Begins in the Eye & How Sunlight is the Driving Factor for Evolution with Dr. Jack Kruse
  1. He found that water enriched with deuterium, which is twice as heavy as normal hydrogen, extends the lifespan of worms by 10 per cent. And fruitflies fed the 'water of life' lived up to 30 per cent longer.

  2. I love jacks perspective and ability to explain these scientific truthes but what gets me is when he compares God to nature or evolution. God is trancedent he created nature and allows evolution to happen. Part of believing in God and worshiping him is to be in tune with his creation through a balanced life especially the day night cycle but in my opinion it'snot good to say God is nature or evolution.

  3. Why such amazing information, extremelly important for our health, only have so low number of views? dumb crap from CNN/BBC/Whatever liers have millions of views. and really inforamtion that matters, not. this proves that big media want us entretained and not informed.

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