Monday, November 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Vlog_10 Cold bath in the lake

For a lot of you this may not be a big issue, but who knows me, knows that I really really have an issue with the cold! I’m that person who is always cold in every situation, so that’s why I never thought I would do this in my life!
But here I am challenging myself!
And to be honest, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD!
I actually enjoyed it and I already agreed with a friend to do it every weekend! She is also challenging her self to do it every weekend from now on, and she invited me to join her, sooo why not??
I’m sorry for the quality of the sound, it really was very very windy this last days in Denmark!
Hope you enjoy and that this video inspire you to challenging yourself! Sometimes we may be surprised, and it may be easier that we initially thought!
Thank you so much for watching!


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