Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Dr. Adam Meredith : How to stimulate your Vagus Nerve

Dr.Adam Meredith: How to stimulate your vagus nerve, how a bad posture can affect energy and migraines and what is the Migraine Stopper the innovative device that stops Migraines.

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— FULL DISCLAIMER: All the content and info shared in this episode, and this podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only, I am not a doctor, and the shared content through this episode and podcast DOES NOT constitute medical advice. Always consult a doctor for any health-related enquiries. —

In this episode

– Spine and Posture

– Posture and its effects on Migraine and Dizziness

– How to stimulate the vagus nerve

– Fluoride and the impact on the Vagus nerve

– The Migraine Stopper, how it works

– Gut-Brain Connection

– Ice Baths and brown tissue fats

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