Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

1501: The Fat Burning Zone Myth, How to Build Side Butt, Supplements That Are Worth Buying & More

* The release of Sal’s book is nearly here! (2:04)
* The controversy surrounding Mr. Potato Head. (09:11)
* The truth behind Orangetheory’s EPOC “afterburn” effect claims. (11:28)
* Mind Pump Workouts: Updates on their current training, nutrition, and challenges. (21:32)
* How to ween yourself off caffeine using Organifi’s red juice. (24:13)
* Mind Pump love drones. (26:45)
* The guys are REALLY into UFOs. (29:25)
* The dangers of ‘cock fighting’. (34:42)
* What country is the leader in ‘party drug’ consumption? (37:58)
* The SARMS market is booming! (40:00)
* How Paleo Valley’s beef sticks have ruined all beef jerky for the guys. (42:13)
* The value of following a structured workout to keep you on track. (43:34)
* #Quah question #1 – Is the “fat-burning zone” a real thing? (45:51)
* #Quah question #2 – How should one train and grow the gluteus medius? (53:34)
* #Quah question #3 – What supplements are worth spending big money on and which ones can I save on? (57:30)
* #Quah question #4 – How do you stay motivated when you have reached most of your natural potential? (1:02:21)

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29 thoughts on “1501: The Fat Burning Zone Myth, How to Build Side Butt, Supplements That Are Worth Buying & More
  1. I needed to hear the last part of this episode so bad! Thank you! I'll be 50 years old this year and I have been in the gym since I was 14. It has been so hard watching 20 and 30 year olds out work me in the gym (crossfit, I know I know) . I need to realize my age and let it go.

  2. Is this within 24hours? Love the show but always excited to see what shirt Justin has on. This was a one of the best! Also, can you buy the hat Justin has on?
    And I can’t wait till the aliens finally come out of hiding!

  3. LOL Kentucky Fried F*ker LOL… minute 37:23 LOL.. I was doing a barbell squat while listening and had while mid way up and had to drop the barbell on the safety pins! LOL….. <3 Squat rack + safety pins……. Note to self "Don't listen to Mind Pump Podcast while weight training and safe it for walks and steady state cardio" LOL…..

  4. Dang. I worked at Orangetheory as a Sales Associate and then as an Assistant Studio Manager. I was thinking about applying as a coach in the summer…The EPOC theory is so bullshit. It's literally a sales initiative at this point. I fell for it but did the research myself. Orangetheory can easily omit the EPOC "After Burn" message and continue operating as they do. It is a great fitness environment and workout. Especially for beginners.

  5. The cock for cockfighting has to be named The Hammer 🤣 btw love the podcast hope you guys keep on for a long time. Learned a lot and appreciate the way you guys aren't on with the bullshit.

  6. I actually have a rooster. He’s a dick and tries to fight me everyday. My son named him Beddy, but that was when he was still a chick and we didn’t know he was a rooster. He’s a total dickhead.

  7. I would name it Wolverine! I'm excited for your book Sal! I'm glad you decided to read it yourself. I listen to Audiobooks all the time and most of the time I enjoy it more when the Author reads it🤗

  8. I started at the beginning just a month or so ago, and I’m on episode 273… just happened to watch this on YouTube and they talk about the episode I’m on 😂

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