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Ceara Lynch: Humiliatrix, Sexual Fetishes and Being Human

Have you ever heard the term ‘humiliatrix’?

It might ring a bell and you can probably guess in which industry this profession belongs to. But the contours of it might surprise you!

In this episode, guest Ceara Lynch discusses her career: a niche in men’s fantasies and needs. She calls herself a Humiliatrix where she humiliates men, by request, in the most different ways.

During her career she has worked with all sorts of men and perhaps contrary to what many would think, there isn’t exactly an obvious pattern of men who seek to be professionally humiliated, which led her to gain a non-judgmental view of people. We also talk about Ceara plans for the future as a means to fulfillment and learning and how achieving life goals can have us spin into existential crises.

Overall, this was a fascinating conversation about the intricacies of being human.

Ceara Lynch works as a humiliatrix and had a curious start in the industry at only 17 years old. She is also the host of the Standard Deviation Podcast and an executive producer and actress on the fictional documentary ‘Use Me’.

What we discuss:

[00:03:01] What a Humiliatrix is

[00:04:31] How Ceara got into this line of work

[00:08:20] Is there a type of man that seeks this service?

[00:09:23] Do certain kinks come from trauma?

[00:11:21] How does usually one online session go?

[00:13:10] A client’s fetish that surprised Ceara

[00:17:11] What Ceara has learned from her work that she applies to her daily life

[00:19:38] How Ceara sees her future

[00:21:41] How reaching one big goal led Ceara to a small-scale existential crisis

[00:23:18] Is the sensation of helping people the solution to an existential crisis driven by having enough money?

[00:24:20] Is Ceara’s work in the line of pornography?

[00:25:12] What are Ceara’s friends like?

[00:25:52] Are the common stereotypes about pornstars true?

[00:26:48] Ceara’s talks about her documentary ‘Use Me’

[00:27:27] How is the internet changing things for pornstars?

[00:29:05] Is Ceara an entrepreneur?

[00:30:02] How Ceara started to manage money differently throughout her career

[00:32:23] The key to be successful in the industry

[00:34:10] What Ceara’s parents think about her profession

[00:35:50] Is Ceara’s job an issue to her relationships?

[00:37:13] Is it fair to expect monogamy from most people?

[00:39:04] Standard Deviation: Ceara’s podcast

[00:45:23] Are some exceptional individuals just products of their environment?

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