Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

LowCarbMD 165 – Meeting of the Minds to Chew the Visceral Fat

Brian hosts a roundtable discussion with Dr. Nicholas Norwitz, Dr. Ben Bikman, and Dr. Ben Bocchicchio on the topic of fat as it relates to metabolic health and weight loss. They talk about the possible purposes of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat from an evolutionary perspective, and the compositional and the behavioral differences between these two types of fat. They also discuss the usefulness of various markers for judging the metabolic health of a person, the powerful relationship between muscle building and visceral fat, the differences between white and brown adipose tissue, why lowering the number on the scale is not the best indicator of metabolic health, and a number of different related studies.


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2 thoughts on “LowCarbMD 165 – Meeting of the Minds to Chew the Visceral Fat
  1. Howdy from KY! Y'all need to bring in Dr. Doug McGuff. He wrote the book BODY BY SCIENCE and is the best explanation of of global metabolic conditioning and how proper exercise accomplishes this. He is a medical man, working as an emergency room trauma surgeon in Seneca SC and parlays his experience in the medical field into health and longevity and vice versa. He has several good talks here on YouTube.

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