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Cold Thermogenesis

How to feel great on a poor night’s sleep?

Question: How to feel great on a poor night’s sleep?

I would say get rid of the poor night’s sleep. And so that’s go through the checklist of two to four hours of blue light blocking before bed, up to two to four hour, depending on your needs, psychological winding down routine, in which you clear everything off your to-do list, everything off your problem-solving list, focus on a paperback fiction, TV, video games, movies, et cetera. Deal with all those things first, because I don’t think there is any magical one-off cure for poor night’s sleep.

And then if cold exposure helps, then that tells me that boosting norepinephrine is what’s helping. So how do you boost norepinephrine? There’s a lot of micronutrients involved in norepinephrine synthesis. So vitamin C, copper, salt, lots of things come into play, antioxidants that is. Cold exposure, maca root, coffee are probably the biggest things that you could use.

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7 thoughts on “How to feel great on a poor night’s sleep?
  1. Interesting suggestion to use maca. But it amazes me how many sleep experts, clinicians, etc. online, including “sleep expert” Andrew Huberman fail to mention sleep apnea. A report (I believe from the Mayo Clinic) estimated that 75% of the population has some form of sleep disordered breathing.

    It doesn’t matter what supplement you take before bed, if you’re exposed to blue light, or if your room is dark and cool, if you’re choking all night and depriving your organs of oxygen. Get tested folks. They even have home sleep studies now.

  2. What would be the cause of waking up after 6 hours of sleep regularly? And feeling well rested.
    Why can i never get a 8 hr sleep night?

  3. Also enough physical activity and sunlight exposure during the day. Sun light exposure early in the day to help cortisol regulation. I try to get sunlight for at least 20-30 min within the first hour or two of waking up. Direct sunlight to the face too. Glycine and L-theanine before bed definitely helps too.

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