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Cold Thermogenesis

How To Start Cold Exposure (Beginner Quickstart Guide)

In this video, I’ll take you through my personal preferred method on how to build up to your first dip. For the absolute beginner, this will be an easy to follow step by step guide. We’ve filmed my swim in the Oslo Fjord with an Iphone, so the audio at that point is a little spotty. Afterward, I provide you with a longer explanation on what to focus on during your cold swims.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Physiology
03:15 Splash Face
04:13: Soaking Extremities
06:29 Contrast Shower
08:26 Fjord Dip
11:01 Explanation
15:00 Checklist

1. Splash water in the face. Can be done with frigid water, 10 to 20 splashes, can be spread out over the day.
2. Soaking hands and feet. A simple way to build up the cold tolerance and condition the small blood vessels in the extremities.
3. Contrast shower. These start with warm, gradually move to colder, and then finish warm. As you get used to this you can move to end on cold. When you get comfortable with ending cold you can start cold-only showers. These don’t have to happen at its coldest setting, just cold enough (around 15 degrees) to supply you the benefits. From there move to build up your tolerance on the coldest setting.
4. Dipping into cold water. The first step should be just going in and not worrying about time. As soon as you get used to actually going in the water you can work on controlling your breathing.

1. Prep
2. Focus on your breathing
3. Feel out intensity

1. Hypoxic breathing in water or right before entering the water.
2, Constantly trying to push the time.

The gear checklist:
1. A rubber mat (with a small towel on top)
2. Surf Poncho
3. 2 hats (if you want to use one during the swim)
4. Gloves
5. A thermos with warm water (not too hot, to pour on your feet & hands afterward).
6. Shoehorn or easy to slip in warm shoes
7. Glove/sock or shoe heat elements (for those whose hands and feet are especially sensitive)
8. Extra socks
9. Locations near cafes or a warm place you can get into straight after. Swim at a place to allows you to enter a warm place so you don’t risk any hypthermic symptoms.

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