Sunday, December 4, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

My morning routine in Iceland


This video covers my morning routine at home in Iceland. This isn’t the perfect morning routine for everyone, but the one that works most often for me. But as I mention at the start, this is definitely not the entire routine I get through every day – usually, I’m happy if I do at least three of these things. However, coffee is always essential.

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Meditation
2:14 Hydration, supplementation, and coffee
4:27 Podcast course
5:10 Journaling
5:52 Learning Icelandic
7:19 Grounding/earthing
8:26 Cold therapy
9:58 Outro

Sorry in advance for the slightly sub-par audio on the to-camera sections. Unfortunately, the correct mic wasn’t rigged up, so I only got ambient, echo-y audio. My bad – but a video published, is better than no video published!

All the below items are per cup of coffee, which I consider about 300ml. If you’re making more than one, double these ingredients.
Fresh black coffee
1tbsp butter (ideally grass-fed)
1g Lion’s Mane mushroom powder
1g Reishi mushroom powder
0.2g l-theanine
1tsp almond paste
1tsp raw honey



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18 thoughts on “My morning routine in Iceland
  1. This is amazing work Leon. All you are saying about perfectionism really resonates. I’ve just started my own podcast called the Good Enough Project. I had to overcome a lot of perfectionism to get started. I overcame it by inviting 10 people before I started. When they said yes I was accountable and knew I had the technical ability to make it happen. It’s encouraging for you to make yourself vulnerable that we know that creators we might perceive at a “higher” level, feel the same as us. Thank you for that

  2. Enjoyed this! Video topics I would like to see: your career history, how you ended up living in Iceland & why you stayed, how do you stay fit in iceland during a pandemic, your tattoo history, why you chose podcasting as a vocation. Thank you & best to you!

  3. I saw your insta post on how you’re unable to be consistent with putting out content on YouTube because of perfection. Dude, how is this video not perfect? Also, the average viewer doesn’t care about perfection, they care about authenticity so just keep putting out content, don’t worry too much about how perfect it looks/sounds.

  4. Hi Leon! I'm glad that you got back on you tube, and absolutely, it would be amazing to get to know Iceland from your point of view! Those amazing Sorelle's videos about Iceland were what made me go to Iceland for the first time 3 years ago and I've become completely passionate about that Island.
    Actually, me and my partner are looking for some local communities of expats that could helps us to better understand what's needed to ask for a ID number and the best places to look for a job there (we're both working in healthcare), as we're planning to go there this year to make this research locally.
    Also, if it feels fun for you and maybe a way to practice a little more, could you share some tips on how to start with basic Icelandic? We're doing some daily practice with Drops app but it's not an easy language to find courses on-line (much less for portuguese or italian people like us :p)

    Ps.: loved the shot with the coffee ingredients, that's how you make a coffee looks like a masterpiece

  5. Hi!
    Hope you start posting more often! I love your podcast and would love to watch your channel! I started with cold showers after I saw your video about discomfort and now I can't imagine my morning without it! Thank you for posting and make sure to visit czech republic asap 😉😁!

  6. Do you really put the coffee in a blender oder was that just an expression? And could you make a video showing exactly how you make your morning herbal drink or a video on bio hacking sleep?
    I always love your insights on bio hacking

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