Monday, November 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Wise Traditions podcast 282: Why Getting Cold This Winter Is A Good Idea

We are often insulated from our environment. In the winter, we warm our homes. In the summer, we cool them. But we may be unintentionally harming our health by not challenging our bodies to deal with the ambient temperature. A panel of experts today explains how we can benefit from cold therapy, offering practical first steps for those who are new to the practice. They also cover the problems with artificial light and the importance of getting more sunlight on our skin. They share how living more in tune with nature, as our ancestors did, can help alleviate a host of health conditions and reinvigorate the body.

The panelists are Dr. Mike T. Nelson, Katie Newman, Thaddeus Owen, Christa Rymal, Heidi Sime, and Nic Zahasky.

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10 thoughts on “Wise Traditions podcast 282: Why Getting Cold This Winter Is A Good Idea
  1. I live in California and it gets down to the 30s at night this time of year. I sleep with the window open right next to me at night. 75 degrees in the house with the heater on is dreadful for me.

  2. Wow! I try to keep myself pretty up-to-date on living a natural and holistic lifestyle but I had never heard of “dirty light”. Now I know why I hate artificial light so much! I mean I can’t stand to use it but then I feel guilty because I think how blessed I am to have it. What do you all suggest other than candles?

  3. The hardest thing to do is to change ones own beliefs(dogma). Belief is like hope and really belongs in Pandora's box, locked away forever.

    Understanding that I am not my beliefs (nor my feelings) helps. I want wisdom over beliefs and feelings.

    Love is like a wave, it is not a thing but what a thing does. One cannot be love just like one cannot be a wave. Love is not a thing one can point to and say, Oh look, that is love. A person waving their hands in a medium like water creates a condition within the water, a perturbation that causes the water to go up and down in a waving condition.

    Stress is a normal part of life. Waking up and going outside half naked is stressful. Wanting(hoping) for a stress free life is a foolish belief, an error in thinking that will only result in suffering.

    Suffering is the clue that ones thinking has an error.

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