Sunday, June 4, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

💤 Podcast 🎙 Episode, 018: Tood White @dryfarmtodd , CEO of Dry Farms Wines Dry Farm Wines , "

💤 Podcast 🎙 Episode, 018: Tood White @dryfarmtodd , CEO of Dry Farms Wines Dry Farm Wines , “The Ultimate Biohackers Wine”⁣ 🍷

One of the most obvious ways to improve your sleep is to reduce alcohol at night. BUT what if we want to have the option to indulge from time to time? Todd White created Dry Farms Wines because he wanted to have a sugar free, low carb, paleo/keto-friendly option that wouldn’t disrupt his sleep & health goals in the same way that other wines do. In this episode, we go deeper into the wine industry, in particular, to understand just how damaging the average wine can be on your sleep and why. Plus, understanding affordable alternatives and apps (like Raisin: The Natural Wine App!) to locate natural, low sugar alternatives. ⁣

Todd is a self-described biohacker who practices daily meditation, Wim Hof breathing, cold thermogenesis, a ketogenic diet, and daily 22-hour intermittent fasting. He is also a frequent speaker on ketogenic lifestyle, meditation, and the Dry Farm Wines unique company culture. His entire team gathers each morning for a meditation and gratitude practice. Built on a foundation of honesty and peace, Dry Farm Wines has seen remarkable growth in the last three years, making it one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., without any debt or investors.⁣

Dry Farm Wines is endorsed by many leading U.S. health influencers including @marksdailyapple , @dave.asprey , @bengreenfieldfitness , @dasrobbwolf , @wellnessmama , @dominic.dagostino.kt , and @chalenejohnson , to name a few. Dry Farm Wines sources pure Natural Wines and lab tests them to ensure each bottle is sugar-free (0-0.15g per glass), lower in sulfites, and lower in alcohol (under 12.5% alc/vol). The wines are friendly to low carb, Paleo, ketogenic, and low sugar diets. ⁣

Key Takeaways:⁣
-In contrast to common belief, wines are mostly not natural. Only less than 1% of the wines produced on the planet are natural.⁣
-The sugar levels in industrially produced wine are higher, but they can hide this fact.⁣
-Alcoholic beverages w/ high levels of alcohol disrupt sleep.⁣
-You have to shop online to purchase natural wine mainly


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