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This Pepper Boosts Testosterone & Improves ED?! (Alligator Pepper/Grains of Paradise)

This Pepper Boosts Testosterone & Improves ED?! (Alligator Pepper/Grains of Paradise)

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Grains of paradise contain bioactive chemicals that are believed to bring with them health benefits, including specific uses for pre-workout supplementation such as:

Boosting Metabolism – It has been shown to increase fat loss by improving energy expenditure.
Reducing Inflammation – Its seeds and fruits have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. The bioactive ingredients also demonstrated considerable anti-inflammatory activity in animal studies by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme and expression of pro-inflammatory genes. (x)
Okay, so let’s recap a bit; research investigating the health effects of it have identified several potential pre-workout benefits such as:

Anti-obesity effects
Anti-diabetic effects
Anti-inflammatory effects
Anti-hypersensitive activity
Bioactive nutrient content of Aframomum melegueta
As a calorie free food, grains of paradise doesn’t contain carbs, fat or protein. It does however contain a high amount of sodium and a slight quantity of calcium.

When it comes to a full and comprehensive break down on the bioactive compounds in grains of paradise, evidence is limited and only a few compounds have been isolated from the seed.

However, analysis has shown that natural sources (not necessarily in supplement form) contain the following antioxidant polyphenols:

Aframomum Melegueta Bodybuilding Use
Although testosterone boosters and muscle building supplements tend to opt for well-researched and reliable nutrients such as D-aspartic acid and vitamin D3, some manufacturers still choose to include grains of paradise in their products.

It is claimed that the herb may help your bodybuilding goals in three distinct ways:

Decrease body fat
Build muscle and helps with weight gain
Directly boost testosterone

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8 thoughts on “This Pepper Boosts Testosterone & Improves ED?! (Alligator Pepper/Grains of Paradise)
  1. Can one separate testosterone and libido. Can one have high testosterone and low libido at the same time? Or do I need some kind of yoga-meditaion-monk like protocol for that?

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