Thursday, June 1, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

27: Why You May Not Absorbe Vitamin D, Mitochondria, Liver & Gallbladder’s Role In Systemic Health

My Guest today is Pedro DoAmaral, he is a Biomedical science research student, Biotechnology minor. Integrative health practitioner. Pursuing Scientist.

We will be discussing topics like:

Mitochondria Disease the key to determining factor in modern diseases
Cholesterol, Vitamin D absorption for overweight/Obese Individuals
Photobiomodulation and how it can alter one’s Biology
The Liver and how to keep it functioning properly
.The Liver and Gallbladder’s Role in Systemic Health
The Importance of Vitamin K2 and what are the best food sources to get it from
NAFLD and what are the best and fastest ways to reverse it. and much more.And..much more!!

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