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Cold Thermogenesis

Benefits of Lehsun | Gharelu Nuskhe – लहसुन के फायदे | Home Remedies – Flu & Asthama

Benefits of Lehsun | Gharelu Nuskhe – लहसुन के फायदे | Home Remedies – Flu & Asthama

Garlic is used to make all kinds of vegetables. In addition to doubling the taste of eating a small garlic clove, it is considered miraculous for health. Garlic can prevent all diseases like asthma, flu, cold, obesity and cancer.

In winter, many kinds of diseases make humans their prey, so if you want to be healthy and healthy in winter, then watch this video till the end.

Only one garlic will save from flu

The winter season is a time when people fall ill the most, especially those who are more than 50, 60 years old. Complaints like cough, cold, fever and chest pain are common in winter season, if you want to avoid the havoc of cold then start eating roasted garlic daily. Garlic is rich in nutrients like allicin, manganese, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin C, due to this, consuming roasted garlic in winter can be prevented from many diseases. It is not less than any medicine, by eating garlic tea and garlic on an empty stomach, you will get relief from disease immediately.

Garlic is a panacea for asthma patients

Roasted garlic is a panacea treatment for asthma patients, taking 2 roasted garlic cloves with milk daily keeps asthma under control. Not only this, garlic is hot, so by consuming garlic in winter, the body also remains warm, which does not cause cold.

Garlic is very beneficial for heart

Allicin is found in garlic, which cures diseases associated with heart. Allicin reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body and prevents the formation of bad cholesterol. In this case, consuming roasted garlic daily can prevent platelets from accumulating and clotting of blood clots. Not only this, people who consume roasted garlic do not have high blood pressure disease. Consuming garlic brings warmth in the body and protects it from cold. At the same time it is also considered to be a cancer survivor. Garlic is especially considered to be a prostate and a breast cancer protector. Eating water and raw garlic removes toxic and waste elements from the body. Apart from this, it is also an excellent way to detox the body. In this way, you can avoid diabetes, depression and many types of cancer.

Immunity power will increase

People who fall more ill have poor immune system, because strong immunity is very important to fight diseases, so by consuming garlic roasted with honey daily, immunity can be increased. This gives your body the strength to fight against diseases. Along with this, garlic also acts like a panacea to increase digestion. Actually this is because the amount of fiber is found in garlic, which helps to increase digestive power. Therefore, by consuming garlic, you can strengthen your digestive power.

Weight stays control

In winter, people eat hot fried tea with very fried fries, which increases the weight of people excessively by the end of the winter season. In such a situation, the consumption of roasted garlic reduces the genes that increase fat cells and increases thermogenesis in the body, so that no matter how much you eat, your weight remains under control. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids are found in garlic. This acid is most beneficial for our heart, it makes the heart strong. Consumption of garlic also reduces the risk of many dangers such as kidney failure. Therefore, eating garlic is considered very beneficial for your heart health.

Garlic contains many types of vitamins and nutrients, in addition to vitamins B1, B6 and C, as well as manganese calcim, copper, selenium and other essential elements. If you are also one of the people who are fitness conscious, then fry 1 to 2 raw garlic lightly on a griddle on an empty stomach every morning and then drink a glass of water. With this, you will feel active throughout the day, energy will remain in the body and the biggest thing is that eating garlic daily keeps obesity under control. If you chew two garlic buds with a glass of water, it makes you feel full for several hours, which saves you from eating unnecessary things, and thus garlic is also beneficial in reducing obesity.


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