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Krockin' In The New Year With Friends 🥳 Ray Cronise, Brittany Jaroudi, Jill Dalton, Ken Domik & More

Thank you to everyone who joined us as we KROCK’ed in the New Year with a little help from our friends! If you missed any of our guests, you can use these timestamps to check them out. Just click on the time you want and you’ll be transported to that part of the video. Also be sure to check out the links to follow and learn more about our guests!

2:00 – Introduction

– @Martin the Great Potato Mage
– Lisa from Sacred Space (

– Anthony Gravley (
– David Dushkin (

– Brittany Jaroudi of @The Jaroudi Family
– Jill Dalton of @The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

– Caryn Dugan (aka STLVegGirl) of Center For Plant-Based Living (
– Chef Chris Bertke of Vegan Deli & Butcher (

– Ken Domik of @KBDProductionsTV & @Ken Domik

– Ray Cronise (aka CrayRay), former NASA scientist, co-author of The Healthspan Solution & more!

– Julie (aka Foolie Julie;
– Kayla (aka CarbedUp Kayla;

3:12:25 – Closing


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36 thoughts on “Krockin' In The New Year With Friends 🥳 Ray Cronise, Brittany Jaroudi, Jill Dalton, Ken Domik & More
  1. Learn more about our guests here:

    If you want to watch a specific guest, click on the timestamp below to be transported to that part of the video:
    2:00 – Introduction
    10:35 – Martin The Great Potato Mage & Lisa from Sacred Space
    35:00 – Anthony Gravley & David Dushkin
    1:02:09 – Brittany Jaroudi & Jill Dalton
    1:27:05 – Caryn Dugan & Chef Chris Bertke
    1:52:15 – Ken Domik
    2:18:40 – Ray Cronise (aka CrayRay)
    2:45:33 – Foolie Julie & CarbedUp Kayla
    3:12:25 – Closing

  2. Just want to say…. Jessica … I love how you are so honest with yourself….it helps me to know we are human and we are not flawless… so I can't be perfect but I can be myself!!!

  3. During the Ray Cronise interview, Brian mentions that taking a zero G flight is one of his top 5 bucket list, however, when Ray Cronise says he will gift it to him when they reach their goal, Brian & Jessica don't comment on that, they just continue on. I would have stopped and acknowledged that, i.g. said something like,"Ok, wow, cool, thanks, now I'm even more motivated to reach our goal."

    Ray Chronise advised people to eat less. He didn't specify to eat less of what. Less calories? Less volume of food? Less fat? Less unhealthy food?
    Many of the leading WFPB doctors and nutrition experts (such as Dr John McDougall, Chef AJ, Doug Lisle) advise the opposite. Many people have successfully lost weight and regained their health by eating more on the Starch Solution, LFHC, WFPB meal plan. They say you don't need to count calories, and it's not about limiting portion size, but they encourage you to actually eat more, particularly starch, for satiety and weight loss.
    If you don't eat enough starch, then you will get hungry and it becomes harder to resist higher calorically dense foods and overly processed junk. You will also feel tired and hungry, and it will be difficult to get enough fiber and resistant starch, which you need to feed your good gut bacteria.
    I would agree with eating less fat/oil, less processed foods, less animal products, less sodium, but eating more starches, more whole plant foods and more fiber. Dr Greger said that the biggest health risk factors are: not eating enough fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. The concept of eating less and restricting calories is not necessary and can be difficult to adhere to and maintain long term.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this while batch prepping this morning. Great content and delightful guests. Refreshing to see and know that many of my favorite WFPB YouTube people are actually friends! Feel like my online family just got bigger. Love you all! 🥰

  5. Excersize to me is my legs arent strong so i started going up and down the stairs at my apartment building. Only 3 stories. Only going through it once made my legs feel shakey so my goal is to do it once . im stiff alot so im trying to do stretches. Couldnt even make it through the whole thing. But i go as far as i can

  6. I love watching your podcasts and you do a great job. Jessica tends to cut your guests off and goes into her story too much. I love her stories when its just you guys but would have preferred to hear more from the guests for this podcast.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this live stream! Thank you for ALL the work! LOVED your enthusiasm for Brayden's choice… Just wanted to give a shout-out to my 12-year-old daughter who (despite multiple food allergies including nuts and soy) also committed herself to a vegan diet! LOVE these kids interested in the future… theirs and ours collectively on this earth!

  8. This was fun! Great work Brian and Jessica. All those guest were awesome! Special mention to Ken Domik, who sent me here! Just want to say how special he is and how he personally inspired me for my own weight loss journey, watching you also has inspired me even more! I’d rate Ken above the other channels like Joey, Daym, Emmy who all are foodies like Ken, but they don’t promote a healthy lifestyle. Maybe we can bring them over to go green and healthy! With this great start, 2021 is looking bright! Thank you for a wonderful stream, wish you a spectacular 2021 🎊 🎉

  9. This was your best live event EVER! You both did an excellent job on putting this all together. Thank you so much for making my 2021 dieting adventures even more hopeful! 🙂

  10. Love this guys! And Ken Domik is awesome! Check out his channel, not only does he do challenges! He has a healthy series; Ken Domik and EdgyVeg. Ken is an inspiration! Thank you Brian and Jessica you rock! Happy New year to all!

  11. Liked 👍 Glad you got the amazing Ken Domik! He’s a good guy! Join the Domik Universe! It’s a friendly family knit community! And Ken talks to his fans every Wednesday!

    Beside stealthcamping and challenges, Ken also has a healthy series cook and review and a vegan series with EdgyVeg check them out!

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