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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial dysfunction in Aging | Brendan Payne, PhD

Lecture: Mitochondrial dysfunction in Aging
Speaker: Brendan Payne, PhD
Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Presented at: International Workshop on HIV & Aging 2018

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The integration of antiretroviral therapy (ART) into HIV care has dramatically extended the life expectancy of those living with HIV. The longer life expectancy of people with HIV infection is changing the demographics of the HIV epidemic and currently, more than half of the people living with HIV are aged 45 or older. Recent estimates in Europe suggest that more than 70% of those with HIV will be over the age of 50 by 2030, with a greater burden of co-morbidities and associated treatments. In comparison to similar HIV-negative populations, HIV-positive persons, even when on effective ART, experience an excess of morbidity and mortality. Persons on ART rarely die from complications of AIDS, but instead have an early onset of aging complications including neurocognitive decline, osteoporosis and fractures, impaired physical function, frailty, and falls. The high priority of understanding the interaction between age and HIV infection is illustrated by recent summary reports from the HIV and Aging Consensus Project in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and ongoing NIH Program Announcements in “Multidisciplinary Studies of HIV/AIDS and Aging”, in addition to strong voices in the community.

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