Monday, May 29, 2023
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This Neurologist Shows You How You Can Avoid Cognitive Decline | Dr. Dale Bredesen on Health Theory

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Are you dealing with mental fog most days, crashing in the afternoons and just blaming it on lack of sleep or stress? Cognitive decline is known to begin as early as your 30s and has become the accepted norm with aging, yet many of us don’t even recognize it at its onset. In this episode, international expert in neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen, talks with Tom about the reversibility of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. While Alzheimer’s disease is well known as a progressive disease impacting seniors, too many people are missing the opportunity to course correct and reverse the effects of cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s disease in their younger years. Dr. Bredesen explains simple ways for you to improve these conditions, avoid them altogether, and enhance your mental cognition. He discusses the importance of reducing toxins and exposes four factors that are largely responsible for the decline in optimal cognitive performance.

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Alzheimer’s | Relationship between cognitive optimization and Alzheimer’s [1:17]
Cognitive Supply & Demand | Factors that affect the brain’s plasticity network [2:38]
Brain Assaults | Dr. Bredesen reveals the kind of assaults causing injury to your brain [6:10]
Amyloid Plaque | Dr. Bredesen explains the role of amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s [7:20]
Brain Shrinkage | Dr. Bredesen explains the problem with the brain chronically shrinking [9:23]
Alzheimer’s Subtypes | What’s destroying your brain and subtypes of Alzeheimer’s [10:10]
Leaky Gut | The relationship between leaky gut, inflammation and cognitive decline [10:59]
Insulin | Dr. Bredesen explains insulin resistance associated to cognitive decline [11:55]
Alzheimer’s Survivors | Dr. Bredesen’s upcoming book about survivors of Alzheimer’s [15:53]
Enhanced Cognition | Dr. Bredesen on enhancing normal cognition [17:01]
Detox | Ways to get rid of toxins and who benefits from detoxing [18:15]
How to Get Alzheimer’s | Dr. Bredesen discuss ways to give yourself Alzheimer’s [22:28]
Toxins Balanced | Dr. Bredesen explains the dynamic balance of toxins in your body. [24:52]
Inflammation Free | How to flush out amyloid plaque, free of inflammation [31:05]
Optimal Diet | Dr. Bredesen cautions the kind of protein and fats for optimal health [34:09]
Omega-6 Warning | Dr. Bredesen warns of the danger with Omega-6 and healthy ratios [35:12]
Keto-Flex Diet | Dr. Bredesen reveals what the Keto Flex 12-3 diet is [42:34]
Testing Cognition | Dr. Bredesen talks about testing for systemic inflammation [45:52]


“We all have a some degree of exposure to toxicity by the air we’re breathing, by the water we’re drinking, by the food we’re eating, […] if you’re eating mercury filled seafood, if you’re not eating grass-fed beef, if you have a high carb diet, if you’re eating simple carbs. All of these things are contributing to a lesser than optimal outcome.” [17:30]

“We are all living in a toxic world, that’s the problem […] detoxification is not just for sick people” [21:08]

“Many of us will avoid Alzheimer’s, but we’re still going to have suboptimal cognition.” [24:24]

“You have a dynamic balance. You’re exposed to toxins all the time and you are metabolizing them, inactivating them, excreting them all the time.” [24:52]

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39 thoughts on “This Neurologist Shows You How You Can Avoid Cognitive Decline | Dr. Dale Bredesen on Health Theory
  1. Great video/information Tom👍🙏✝️🇺🇸Oside 🏄‍♀️ going to sweat that Pecan stickybun out of my brain now…lol. For me migraines & zomig for over 20 years & unfortunately still took for weekly migraines👎& Seroquel for 12 years for sleep, (stopped in 2015) brain trauma👎I have been fasting for 2 year now 16/8👍 thanks again Tom, keep the videos coming 👍

  2. If you're vegan please please PLEASE look into Omega Algae (oil) suppliments.
    I'm a vegan, and an activist, but just not enough vegans take fat seriously. It's important for our brain.

  3. So timely, I've been producing videos on my channel on nutrition in regards to schizophrenia. Personally, where my view differs from the 'experts' is that where they see a brain I see a switching network which connects your body, your body is your brain and your brain is just a switching network. It's my topic for next weeks video if you want to sit in Tom.

  4. Did he just say don’t remove a aloud plaque if you have inflammatory state so don’t take turmeric if you have inflammation? That can’t be it. Help explain please !

  5. Ionic foot baths draw out toxins. 9-11 1st responders with wives who successfully persuaded them to work with this got off meds in a very short time according to a naturopath in NYC.

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  7. Dr. Ugbokholan has really made me so much believe in him by getting me cured from my herpes virus with his herbal medication, i really appreciate you Dr. Ugbokholan for bringing back happiness to my life, Promise to let the world know about your good work…

  8. How long does it take one to get into ketose? My last meal is at around 9pm and I wake up with a very sweet coffee + 2 glasses of water. The first meal of the day is then at around 9am-12pm.

  9. This guy is about a trillion times more helpful and informative than the nutrition psychiatrist from the previous video.
    Not trying to be rude. Just saying that he covered everything he said in about 2 minutes and went way beyond. A much more helpful interview IMO. Thanks for picking this guys brain Tom!

  10. Tom you've got to let the guest finish what he's saying, then respond. These are basic interviewing skills and you should be a pro by now 🙂

  11. It's hard to find the words to express my gratitude. I've watched every episode of your channel since I found it. I have made more progress in the last 2 years, through a pandemic, then I have in the last 28 years of life. I couldn't have done it without you. Because of you, I AM LEGENDARY. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO.

    I wanted to support the channel by getting the Impact theory TEE you wear with the blue IT logo, but there are only womens' Tee's available on your site. Do you still make these?

  12. Thanks so much! Since my brain injury last year, I have learned so much about how to protect my brain and did not know what you eat can effect your brain this much, I have started eating more fish, sardines, cavier, etc. This was an awesome episode. Very eye opening!!

  13. Hi dude. I liked your video so much. I have been trying to research for a YouTube vid like yours that breaks down the stuff in this YouTube video! 👩‍⚕️ 🙌 That tip at 1:22 is super knowledgable. Your video for sure is similar to the content of Dr Ethan. Doctor Ethan's demonstrations are totally informative and I actually learned a lot for my diet. He is a great Dr.

    Go watch his YT out and give Doctor Ethan a like over here! 👉 #DrEthanTips

  14. Very interesting and comprehensive review Dr Bredeson. However you failed to mention the role played by exposure to pulsed and continuous electromagnetic radiation. There’s a body of research in this regard, mostly done for military purposes (pulsed radiation has been used as a weapon.) Some of the frequencies emitted by gadgets of everyday use have shown to affect in a negative way the function and structure of brain cells. Maybe you could add a chapter in your forthcoming book as to how to avoid these risks in a practical way

  15. At 25:12 point in the video Dr Bredesen says " find out what your home ….. score is from EPA." I can't make out what score he is saying. Can anyone say what score he is talking about? Thank you.

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