Sunday, June 4, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

#1356: Cold Showers & Ice Bath, Distinguishing Between True Physical Fatigue & Just Giving Up & More

* Introducing MAPS Suspension! (7:55)
* The famous vegan you would NOT expect, the money grabs in boxing & MORE. (17:20)
* The effectiveness of plant proteins vs animal proteins. (23:24)
* buyout, user beware. (27:00)
* Social Media Wars are heating up! (30:56)
* Wagyu beef 101. (33:00)
* The impact and effects of distance learning on children. (36:00)
* #Quah question #1 – I know you are not fans of wrist straps, because of losing the potential grip strengthening. What about chalk, liquid, or powder? My hands sweat a lot and chalk seems to help with that, but I don’t want to hinder my grip strengthening. (46:33)
* #Quah question #2 – Cold exposure therapy is said to have many health benefits. Would taking a cold shower be an alternative to taking an ice bath? Does your body need to hit a certain temperature in order to see the benefits be activated? (52:20)
* #Quah question #3 – Any tips on knowing when to push a client to do more reps and when to back off? How do I know the difference between true physical exhaustion or them mentally giving up? (58:24)
* #Quah question #4 – For each of you, what has been your favorite bodyweight and why? (1:02:55)

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“1356: Cold Showers & Ice Bath, Distinguishing Between True Physical Fatigue & Just Giving Up & More”






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  1. Roy Jones Jr. Champion at Middle Weight, Super Middle Weight, Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight. Was going to stay at Heavyweight to face Tyson but they couldn't get it to work out, so this is a continuation of controversy from way back.

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