Sunday, June 4, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

❄️ 20 Minutes in 40 lbs of Ice! EXTREME Wim Hof Ice Bath Challenge ❄️

I’m sharing my ice bath ishnaan practice with you! Yogis have known for centuries that the cold is a critical element of crafting an iron clad immune system, for tuning into subtle Prana centers within the body, and for controlling the stress response in the body.
By subjecting your body to the cold, you trigger a process called thermogenesis, where your cells enter repair mode. This can lower inflammation in the body, resulting in greater muscular system and nervous system optimization!
This practice combines breath and cold to form a holistic yogic therapy!

In this video I took it to a whole new level immersing myself in 40 lbs of ice for twenty minutes!


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