Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

Ep072 – Mick 'Chappo' Chapman Is An Endurance Athlete & Nutritionist.

Mick ‘Chappo’ Chapman is an endurance athlete & nutritionist.

The recent launch of his business ‘Chappo Health & Nutrition’ was a project born to combat the false & financially driven mis-information making its way into the nutrition & health conversation.

With a degree in nutrition & many years as a competitive endurance athlete, not only does he know the science of food but he understands how to put it to practice.

In this episode, Chappo busts the bullshit surrounding nutrition & talks bout practical application for the everyday office worker to the competitive athlete.

An educational yet entertaining conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you do too.

Follow his instagram @chapp.o & head to his website

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