Thursday, June 1, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

PODCAST #10: Why dieting is counterproductive?

In this podcast i’ll explain why dieting is counter-productive. 

Low-calorie diets have actually a complete opposite effect (to the one that we desire) on our long-term weight. 

I’ll explain how our appetite and satiety are controlled by some strong hormones (originating in the stomach and intestines ) called Ghrelin and Peptyde YY.

I also will be talking about how our metabolism is controlled and by what exactly and explaining two basic rules of metobology (negative feedback rule is important to remember here, i’ll explain what it is). 

Finally you will learn what is leptin, leptin resistance and how this is caused by insulin. 

I will aslo explain what is a weight-set point, something that is crucial to understand if we want to have a healthy weight.

Most of the information provided in this podcast you can find in the amazing book called “Why we eat so much” by Dr Andrew Jenkinson.

This is a part one of two parts, part 2 of this podcast will be available next Sunday, so stay tuned! 

I hope you’ll enjoy ! 🙂

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