Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

Interview with Katie Tomaszewski of Deep Line Health

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Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, Wim Hof Method Instructor meditator, and life adventurer. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Katie Tomaszewski of Deep Line Health
  1. ​ Midwestern Method Hello, hope you're doing well and I was hoping you'd reply to one of my comments.
    after a year of so of doing it on my own (thinking of going to see Wim , im in europe, but then this pandemy happened..) and somethin bad happened.

    I was doing the breathing , 3 times 30-40 seconds, then push ups then cold shower , I did 6 month in the cold shower with 1 to 2 min max, then somehow it didn't felt that cold and wanted to see with caution where I could go, so I went to 3mn then 4, felt weird at 5 so came back to 3-4, when to swim in the atlantic ocean (Im in france) for about 5 mn with a water temperature of about 13 °C, then I did by accident 2 times 6 mn and was ok, and then I forgot to watch the clock (but was timing) And did 7. Got hypotermia, really got scared, it got me a panic attack (which i have from time to time and I'm treated for that) doctors came to see men told me I was crazy to shock my body like this , stayed in bed for 3 days, and rested for another 3.

    I took me a week before even trying to start again, which I did, but I can't do more than 1mn , 1mn 30 now, and at first I was really scared. Also I noticed, that though I did felt well during the year, my anxiety didn't went down that much (but its probably due to the work i had started and was making me sick, made a burnout, and though the economy is collapsing I plan to quit ly job for health reasons). but still right after the cold shower, when the natural endorphines kicks it makes me nervous and anxious, Im good after a few minutes, but at first that's what it does. considering my
    panic attacks and anxiety and also the shock of that 7 mn cold shower, I'm a bit traumatized, I was never afraid of cold showers, now I am.

    Could you give me advices, on this experience, on security, on anxiety.

    Thanks so much in advance

    Best from Paris

  2. Hey Midwestern, I have a question regarding cold exposure and WHM. So as someone progesses in withstanding cold by breathwork and exposure over the course of weeks, months, years and so on, would their body be better in the cold even if breathing isn't used, or to perform better in the cold would they first have to breath right before exposure?

  3. I have a question regarding the wim hof method: Are you supposed to hold your breath only until the natural urge to breathe shows up again, or are you supposed to strain yourself? And if you are, to what extent? Obviously not until fainting, but should you at least feel uncomfortable doing it?

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