Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

πŸ”΄ Kettlebell Workout #102 – Sweat Reps: Every Drop Counts

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Let’s get this thing done with a new addition: The FINISHER! After we’ve finished the main workout, YOU can interactively choose the finisher in the chat! The best suggestion wins!

DISCLAIMER: Please talk to your doctor or physiotherapist before engaging in high intensity kettlebell training.

60 Sec. Mountain Climbers

1- Kettlebell Goblet Squat
2- Kettlebell Clean & Strict Press
3- Kettlebell Turkish Get Up
X- Interactive Finisher

3 exercises for 2 minutes each
All exercises are done unbroken and equal 1 round
60 seconds break after every round
4 rounds
Finisher: 4x 20/10 Tabata

Beginners: 8 – 12 kg
In Video: TBA

00:00 Going Live
03:42 Protocol & Mobility Warm Up
09:44 Workout
39:30 Reacting To Comments
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4 thoughts on “πŸ”΄ Kettlebell Workout #102 – Sweat Reps: Every Drop Counts
  1. I love how real you two are. You watch others do exercise and it's perfect. It's cut and edit to look like superman done it but yours ,it's just amazing. Watching you both and showing when the weight is getting heavy just proves you two are the real deal. Keep it real and thank you for making these videos.

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