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Sandy Loder Peak Dynamics

128. Sandy Loder – Founder and Chief Executive of Peak Dynamics and AH Loder Advisers

Sandy Loder combines his financial services, military and sporting experience to provide a valuable sounding board and expertise to help organisations, teams and individuals in a variety of complex and challenging environments. He ‘partners’ with leaders and teams, providing advice and counsel, leveraging his coaching and mentoring techniques in a challenging and positive style.

Sandy began his career as a British Army Officer after attending Sandhurst. Aged only 20, he was responsible for leading and managing 30 soldiers on operations in Northern Ireland. He also served in London, Cyprus and Sierra Leone. He finished the last two years of his military career redesigning and running Brigade Squad – an iconic 8-week course focused on leadership development and selection for potential British Army officers.

He then spent the next 18 years working in his family business, Robert Fleming, before helping to set up and work in his family’s single and multi-Family Office. During that time, he developed a unique Next Generation development programme for clients’ offspring. He continues to run a development programme and over 500 young people have been through these programme. In 2007, he attended Harvard Business School.

He established AH Loder Advisers in 2010 to advise Family Offices, Family Business owners on matters such as succession, leadership and next-generation transition.

In 2013, he went on to establish Peak Dynamics, as a spin-off from AH Loder Advisers. This consultancy advises corporates, elite sportspeople, extreme athletes and adventurers and the Special Forces on Organisational Culture, Team Dynamics and Individual Behaviour and Decision-Making, Leadership and Resilience. He specialises in improving human performance and decision-making.

He has also been taking clients out of their comfort zone for over a decade on expeditions such as dogsledding in the Arctic, where he works with them on their leadership and team development.

He is currently setting up a new venture called Leaders’ Walks – providing carefully selected and beautiful walks for Leaders, their teams and contacts to talk and network.
Top Tips
Define your own pathway up your life mountain

· Get a good team around you who can help you

· Have courage, be brave and build up your resilience

· Learn to listen – let others speak first


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