Sunday, June 4, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

#BiohackingCongress Webinar "Biohacking for Females"

A lot of medical and health research has been geared toward men. However, men have fewer changes to their hormones throughout the course of their lives and throughout the month. Biohacking for females has to be adapted for the fact that we have an infradian cycle. Due to hormones and the menstrual cycle, we have to adapt our protocol differently. Also according to what stage of life we are in such as trying to get pregnant/ menopause etc.

We need to start biohacking and baselining for women, recognizing that our differences may require different biohacks.

Watch the Video to learn where women should start on their biohacking journey and some of the common differences in habits and hacks that you may want to employ compared to your male friends.

Johanna Thomas-Langoy, PureJo. Biohacker. Holistic health and wellness coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Dasha Maximov. Finding women’s health as an area in need of attention in the biohacking and progressive health spaces, she co-founded the Women’s Biohacking Collective to focus more support specifically on women’s health.

Fiona Austin. A positive psychologist specializing in anxiety solutions in a screen filled world.
Fiona will give her perspective on the evolution of talk therapy and how hacking it helps people to be more emotionally resilient in order that we live a healthier and happier life.

Hosted by:
Julia Smila, Co-Founder and CEO of UnicornLab; Organizer of BiohackingCongress.

By @BiohackingCongress with Love.


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