Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

7 Major Factors That Control What Calories Do In Your Body

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On this episode you will learn:

* What percentage of American adults are metabolically healthy.
* The definition of the term epicaloric control.
* How inflammation is linked to chronic diseases.
* The link between the vagus nerve and how calories are absorbed.
* What SCFAs are and where they originate from.
* The types of foods that can reduce inflammation in the gut.
* How the liver impacts thyroid function.
* What neuroinflammation is and how it impacts the way calories are processed.
* How your metabolic rate is like a thermostat.
* What food can restore function of the blood brain barrier.
* Why your body is less efficient at burning processed foods.
* How cooking foods changes their bioavailability.
* What the thermic effect of food is.
* How digestive efficiency varies from person to person.
* The role that the microbiome plays in digestion and calorie absorption.

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40 thoughts on “7 Major Factors That Control What Calories Do In Your Body
  1. SHAUN STEVENSON can you please tell us, when you eat protein and 25-30 % of calories are used to digest it, is it actually the protein you ate OR calories eg fat or carbs that do that work. I understand protein is harder to digest but is the valuable protein being used in digestion or carbs and fats. Good question hey. Regards Steve

  2. First of all, let me thank you brother for sharing. Personally, I'm getting a hell of a lot from what you're talking about. It's obvious you have a passion for what you do and you actually care enough about humanity to break down this information in a way the average Joe can make useful. Much appreciated sir. Keep up the good work!

  3. Shawn love your work man, truly impactful and I can feel the passion!

    I ordered the mct oil from onnnit, per your suggestion about a year ago, and when I received the package I was surprised by all the extra ingredients in there. Care to expand on your thoughts of how those ingredients are for you instead of something more basic with mostly MCT oil?

  4. Also thanks for your tone of voice and helping remind me how to maintain " my health 🌲🥑☃️🦚🐈❄🧡🐕‍🦺💛💜🌻😇💙🍀

  5. I can’t stop listening to you, Shawn!! I started following your station a few days ago, just picked up a copy of Eat Smarter last night. So ready to fix my gut health!! Finally something that makes sense that too many “practitioners” overlooked. But like you’ve said, their conventional education doesn’t teach this. THAT is something that really needs to change as well in this country. Thank you for what you are doing!!! Love you Shawn!!🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. Hi Shawn!!! Thanks for all the amazing information you share! The first time I knew you were in your interview on Impact Theory!!! In the interview, you mention you have to use supplements to rebuild your vertebrates and disk! Can you tell me which ones you tried..? Don't worry I'll do the research to see which ones are good for me! I'm 42 and I have 5 disk herniated (lumbar), I have visited a bunch of doctors, and most of them say there's no solution and the others want to put a bunch of screws on me, but I have no health insurance. I live in Puerto Rico and I have not found a good one who really wants to help me…The pain is paralyzing and be paralyzed is something that is not good when you want to do so much. I'm covering the exercise part with low impact exercise, I'm working on my sleep as you said but I'm lacking the supplement knowledge. Happy Vibes! and thanks again for all the good info you share!

  7. Thank you Shawn, you are very humble & generous for sharing this knowledge. WOW, it is an eye opener & you have no idea how many lives you are saving as we spread the word. Truly bless you.

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  9. Stevenson you ROCK, this was an awesome message. Inflammation is what so many people DO not fully understand. The media makes it all "GOOD" bad and ugly with no science.

  10. I just learned from one of my health practitioners that my liver was a problem. I had thought the whole time that my issue was my thyroid. But now I learn that the liver is probably the root cause of my thyroid problem. So I've been working on improving my digestion. But this show tells me I need to do more. I'm going to get the book now. Thanks so much for being obedient to your calling as a teacher, Shawn.

  11. This guy is amazing. Sleep Smarter was a great read but I'm getting the feeling Eat Smarter wil be even better. Cant wait to get my hands on this book. Thanks for the valuable info.

  12. After a serious accident, 5 years ago, that left me in a coma and on a feeding tube, when the surgery to repair my crushed face healed and I was able to eat, all foods from an animal caused more pain than any of the broken and crushed bones.

    I am now on a nutrient dense vegan diet, only eating to sustain my body because I have no hunger, taste, or smell. It makes no sense to me that in the past few months I have been putting on weight and nothing in my diet has changed. Since our lake has frozen over I can no longer take my cold water swims every morning, but I wouldn't think that would make a difference. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  13. Does extended fasting..fasts long enough for our intestines to empty…3-5 days or longer…kill off our gut biome?
    Do they starve to death if there is no food in our gut for them to consume?
    I had my appendix removed… I wonder if this was an emergency bacteria storage pocket that could instantly resume normal gut flora after long periods of enforced fasting…ie unsuccessful hunts and food forages.

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