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Cold Thermogenesis

Deep Learning for Regulatory Genomics – Regulator binding, Transcription Factors TFs

Deep Learning in Life Sciences – Lecture 08 – TF binding (Spring 2021)
MIT 6.874/6.802/20.390/20.490/HST.506 Spring 2021
Prof. Manolis Kellis with Guest lecturer: David Kelley
Deep Learning in the Life Sciences / Computational Systems Biology
Latest slides and course today:
Spring 2021 slides and materials:

0:00 Logistics
0:51 Gene regulation
5:13 3D chromatin structure
8:05 Inferring chromosome conformations
19:25 Chromatin organization
26:35 DNA motifs: classical approaches
28:50 DNA motifs: CNNs
36:18 Gene regulation
37:54 DNA convolutional neural network
52:20 Understanding the model
1:02:00 Predicting transcription on large regions
1:15:23 Model performance and applications
1:19:17 Predicting DNA contacts
1:25:10 Summary


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