Sunday, June 4, 2023

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6 thoughts on “How I Lost the Excess weight from Adaptive Thermogenesis | ALL IN
  1. Finally someone who says the truth and that this process really take a looong time. I thought I'm an alien bc I look like a puffy pancake in comparison before living this lifestyle. But I feel more energy and have this freedom according food and overall which I before never had.

  2. Hey FA,with your story,intellect, and natural beauty,you should have a huge channel.You communicate well and do a lot of one take videos which is such a breath of fresh air. It may not be something you aspire to do and I understand that. Especially with all the drama that goes along with the whole social media scene. I know now you do a lot of random videos and that’s great too! I don’t sub to many channels in the vegan community,mainly,Durianrider,
    Nutrition by Victoria,and The Sugar Cure.and You. Anyway
    (God I’m rambling) keep on keeping on! Peace & Love from NC USA!

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