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Regulatory Genomics – Deep Learning in Life Sciences – Lecture 07 (Spring 2021)

Deep Learning in Life Sciences – Lecture 07 – Regulatory Genomics (Spring 2021)
6.874/6.802/20.390/20.490/HST.506 Spring 2021 Prof. Manolis Kellis
Deep Learning in the Life Sciences / Computational Systems Biology
Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLypiXJdtIca5sxV7aE3-PS9fYX3vUdIOX
Latest slides and course today: http://compbio.mit.edu/6874
Spring 2021 slides and materials: http://mit6874.github.io/

0:00 Logistics
2:30 Overview
3:09 Biological foundations of gene regulation
16:21 DNA motifs
21:05 Technologies for probing gene regulation
26:07 Deep learning at base-resolution reveals cis-regulatory motif syntax
31:42 BPNet: predicting base-resolution profiles from DNA sequence
43:00 Interpreting the predictions of BPNet
55:42 Experimental validation of BPNet predictions
58:38 Enchancing epigenomic data with deep learning
1:04:54 AtacWorks: Improving the quality of ATAC-seq signals
1:09:24 Performance of AtacWorks
1:19:35 Applying AtacWorks to investigate lineage priming


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