Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

Is this facility the SECRET to AMAZING recovery and Performance?

What’s up Super Humans! BT here. I spend a lot of time training each week. anywhere from 10-30hrs a week depending on if I’m prepping for a competition or not.

Those hours add up fast.


I have a secret weapon. A facility where I can continue to train make improvement, but at the same time recover twice as fast!

This secret facility is none other than…

The city pool…

Duh Duh DUH…

Ok honestly any cold-ish pool will do.

But seriously it’s a well kept secret by the pro’s who train big name athletes, that if you want to continue to perform at your absolute best even in the midst of BRUTAL training sessions … Take your training to a pool!

Watch the video, I actually have another video on some pool training that you can watch here.

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Interested in training in pool more seriously? Check out this gear that GSP uses for exclusive pool training.

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I post a whole bunch of daily content there. I’d love to have you. Here’s the gear and products I use on a daily basis!

Camera Gear I use.

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