Sunday, June 4, 2023
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#NS: CAO Consigliere Soldier Cigar Review

Looking for a burn with a little bada bing? Watch as CAO Blender Rick Rodriguez joins Gary for a sitdown with the CAO Consigliere Soldier…Introduced in 2016, CAO Consigliere is a reprise to an earlier CAO selection that was more than just highly-rated – it was a fan favorite, too. Along with #nowsmoking the 6×54 Soldier, Rick also discusses many of the other top-rated CAO cigar projects he’s worked on; and better yet, reveals the details of the unique new release that’s coming next for CAO fans. Bonus: learn a great tip, if you’re a fan of the game of Dominoes. It’s a review you can’t refuse: watch now!

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3 thoughts on “#NS: CAO Consigliere Soldier Cigar Review
  1. I read somewhere years ago that one of the main cigars smoked on the show by Gandolfini was the CAO L' Anniversaire . I smoked many of those and enjoyed them very much.

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