Thursday, June 1, 2023
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12 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

This is a video on the health benefits of drinking lemon water for fat loss, fresh breath, detoxifying the body, clear skin, preventing wrinkles, keeping your body more alkaline. relieving joint pains, eliminating stress.

Reason number one lemon water boosts your immune system 00:36

Reason number two lemon water provides high levels of potassium and controls blood pressure 00:47
Reason number three AIDS IN FAT LOSS 01:03

Reason number 4 promotes digestion 01:38

Reason number 5 freshens the breath prevents gingivitis 2:22


Reason number 6 Helps relieve respiratory issues chest infections 3:06

Reason number 7 Helps relieve asthma and allergies 3:18

Reason number 8 lemon water is a powerful diuretic 3:23

Reason number 9 lemon water clears the skin from blemishes and acne prevents wrinkles 3:40

Reason number 10 lemon water reduces stress via vitamin c potassium and the scent of lemon 4:15

Reason number 11 relieves joint pain balances the bodies PH levels lemons are one of the most alkaline foods 4:40
Reason number 12 cleans the liver and bile in your gall bladder which also helps with FAT LOSS

Ginger for fat loss, building the immune system, regulate blood pressure, anti-carcinogen, aids in protein digestion makes lemon water taste better 5:50

Ground cinnamon to regulate blood sugar, enhance mood, aphrodisiac, carbohydrate absorption 6:20
Cayenne pepper for thermo genesis fat burning enhanced blood flow, relief of achy joints anti-inflammatory great pre-workout 6:43
Pink Himalayan salt increases detoxification and elimination also important to effective weight loss, great for a muscle pump, has metaphysical properties 7:30

How to get the most juice out of a lemon 7:55


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