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Carnivore Diet Review ⚕️ Carnivore Retreat Spain

What is carnivore diet plan? What are carnivore diet benefits?
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Welcome to The Aging Games, Today i’ll be talking about diet and more specifically the carnivore diet which has had such a huge impact on my life.

In this series I’d like to share with you some of the life changing testimonials we filmed during the first ever Carnivore Retreat in Spain 2 yeas ago. The first one that I’m going to start with is my friend Shona.

So, here’s Shona and please have a look at her testimonial in this video.

▶️ The carnivore diet an elimination diet that has been gaining popularity rapidly. Similar to Keto, the carnivore diet seeks to remove carbs from your diet, and instead focus on fats and animal protein. Participants usually focus on meat, seafood, eggs, and perhaps dairy.

▶️ Carnivore Diet Benefits: Eating meat, meat, and more meat may sound like a nightmare to your doctor, but it has some strong advantages backed both anecdotally and by research.

• Weight Loss
• Better Heart Health
• Lower Inflammation
• Higher Testosterone
• Fewer Digestive Problems
• Increased Mental Clarity
• Simpler Dieting

So, watch the video till the end and you may find it is helpful and may help to gain your healthy lifestyle goals.

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11 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet Review ⚕️ Carnivore Retreat Spain
  1. Way to go Shona and you look absolutely amazing. I ate strictly carnivore for 1 1/2 years and I too, know how well it works and it's amazing heath benefits. I would love it if you would share more of these wonderful stories Lynn. Thanks, sweetie! <3

  2. Lynn also put me on a carnivore diet for 30 days to lose weight for my daughter's wedding. I have to say that without a doubt this diet works. Looking forward to "meating" you Shona, when I'm back in Spain.

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