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Entropy & Mitochondrial Functioning: The Secret Drivers in Conquering Your Day with Dr. Dylan Petkus

TLD 007 – Entropy & Mitochondrial Functioning: The Secret Drivers Behind Conquering Your Day with Dr. Dylan Petkus

Join Matt Maruca and Dr. Dylan Petkus as they chat about the key drivers to maximizing your body’s energy production! First, they explain that you should begin by assessing your mitochondria and optimizing your body through The Light Diet protocols. Much of what they discuss today is based on their understanding of mitochondrial functioning in relation to Dr. Wallaces’ findings. In this episode you’ll learn about entropy, the short and long term effects of mitochondrial damage, NAD+ in mitochondrial functioning and so much more! Stick around to learn all the details on fighting fatigue by enhancing your body’s mitochondrial performance.

“The mitochondria is the central hub of when things go wrong in terms of someone’s health overall because it is the big place in the cell where information and energy are flowing.”
– Dr. Dylan Petkus

About Dr. Dylan Petkus:
Dr. Dylan Petkus, MD, MPH, MS holds a Master’s in Public Health, a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Doctor of Medicine, and has published peer-reviewed papers. He is known for being able to simplify the complex science of fatigue into a clear step-by-step process. Dr. Dylan and his fiance, Molly McKinney, MD, MPH, coach those who suffer from fatigue and are ready to transform their lives by living to their fullest potential.

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