Sunday, June 4, 2023

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15 thoughts on “Taking cold shower to become a greater person | Russian experience
  1. Don’t let the people with hateful comments bother you. They show up in the comments section of many channels and often just repeat the same negative statements over and over. I think they just enjoy the anonymity of the internet to be mean to others. I’m not sure why. Maybe their life has troubles and their boss, spouse, parents, or others are mean to them and they think posting hateful comments all over the internet will give them relief. It won’t, but maybe that’s what they think. Just sift through the comments to find those that offer constructive criticism rather than hatefulness.

    How did I spend my Christmas? I woke up early and my sister, niece, and mom came over to my house. My sister baked cookies while my niece sorted the presents from under the tree to different areas of the living room where we would all be sitting. My dad arrived at noon and that’s when we opened presents. We open presents in order of age, youngest to oldest. Afterwards we chatted for several hours and played some video games together. Then we headed to my mom’s house for Christmas dinner. We ate honey glazed ham, fried squash, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and hard boiled eggs. For dessert we had pecan pie, chocolate pie, and apple pie. Then we just spent some more time relaxing and having conversations until later that night when everyone went home to their houses. My mom works in retail so had to be at work the day after Christmas and I’m working on the 27th. I got paid time off for the 24th and 25th and will get paid time off for the 31st and January 1st. So I only work Sunday to Wednesday this week. As I live in northern Oklahoma the weather was quite nice on Christmas Day (the day before it was a bit cold because it was very windy outside). It was 16°C (60°F) on Christmas Day and is close to that outside today as well. Though I still have to dress warmly for work as the area I work in is refrigerated and kept at 4°C (40°F) because we process and package refrigerated foods.

    Keep up the great work! I’m glad to hear your channels are growing!!

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