Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria Function Explained: How Mitochondria Work

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but have you ever wondered what mitochondria function really is, and what to do if you may be (unknowingly) experiencing mitochondria dysfunction? The improper function of mitochondria can be the source of many different ailments, so let’s take a look at what mitochondria do at their core – and how to optimize them – so we can fix our health issues at the root.


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Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC is a best-selling author, podcast host, and expert in detoxification, specializing in the adverse effects of heavy metal exposure. Wendy founded Myers Detox to share her research and support people in restoring wellness with natural detox solutions.


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9 thoughts on “Mitochondria Function Explained: How Mitochondria Work
  1. I have been following your recommendations for a while and progressively improving! I got on disability due to a long, slow, descent into severe, prolonged exhaustion, muscle tightness and spasms, brain fog, widespread pain, low body temp… Not one traditional doc could do anything except give me pain and sleep meds, and refer me to the next doc. 15+ doctors later they say I'm just going to die from 'complications.' How do you want your body donated?
    Freinds recommended a chronic fatigue support group. Was able to see an Integrative Medicine group. They went into research. Found new docs. They also went into research. But the detox, nutrient absorbsion, and probiotic gut health principles were in agreement. Eventually I got my 8 amalgam fillings safely removed by a biologic dentist. I was greatly improved – in one day!
    Have been able to sleep better than I have in years, and continue to improve.
    Can walk and the ringing in one ear is gone. My vision and hearing also improved.
    Traditional medicine only seeks to 'manage' your problem with drugs and surgery. They dont seek to heal or restore health. If insurance doesn't cover it, they won't tell you any other option. They may not even know! Drugs can't fix/replace just giving your body what it needs.
    There are no side-effects to good health!
    That is the domain of functional, holistic or integrative medicine.
    Working to balance and restore an individual's unique physiology.
    Want to live a long, active, productive life. Then when you are old, still capable and looking good…lay down, take a peaceful nap and time out.

  2. I want to share to the world how Dr okosun cured me completely from herpes virus on YouTube through his herbal medication, thank you Dr okosun and God bless🙏

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