Sunday, June 4, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

The World’s Youngest Pro Biohacker Unpacks Fasting, Autophagy and Improving Performance!

Podcast with Siim Land

Siim Land is a 26 year old author, content creator, public speaker, professional biohacker and a high-performance coach. His passions include performance improvement, longevity, mindset and overall wellness. The overall term he likes to use is Body Mind Empowerment which refers to physical as well as mental development.

Siim hails from Estonia and is an anthropologist by education, but he’s branched out into entrepreneurship and writing, beginning with his blog, This includes articles and tutorials about intermittent fasting, ketogenic dieting, meditation, cold thermogenesis, taking saunas, self-discipline, morning routines, and everything related to becoming a high performing individual.

Join us as we explore:

* His research into fitness, performance and longevity
* His pursuit into illness avoidance
*What is “autophagy”?
* Autophagy as a central component to healthy cellular functioning
* How to activate autophagy
* The pros and cons of autophagy
* The benefits of intermittent fasting
* Using fasting as a nutritional lever
* The effectiveness of the 16:8 versus the 20:4 eating window
* The effect of exercise and sauna on your body’s ability to activate autophagy
* The role of autophagy in assisting with cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention
* What is “apoptosis” and its role in the destruction of cells
* Fasting and muscle building
* Animal proteins and their relative risk to cancer
* Complications of reduced muscle mass and metabolism
* Siim’s daily routine of exercise, meals and creativity
* Use and timing of infrared sauna
* The best low-impact cardio, weight training and HIIT exercise to maximize longevity
* The benefits of KAATSU bands
* The benefits of training with the X3 Bar
* Important factors to manage to optimize sleep
* How to improve REM sleep
* How much deep sleep should we be aiming for a night
* “Hormesis” and its role in your longevity
* How to exercise hormesis, and quantities for optimal benefit
* Important physical and emotional indicators for high stress
* Handling stressors, such a cold thermogenesis or saunas
* Benefits of CGM in assisting your overall metabolic health
* Factors that affect glucose metabolism
* The future of biohacking
* Using these tools to enhance your quality of life
* EMF radiation – how worried should we be and ways to mitigate risks
* Top biohacks according to Siim Land
* His new book, “The Immunity Fix” targeted at strengthening the immune system, due out any day

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Book: Siim Land – Metabolic Autophagy: Practice Intermittent Fasting and Resistance Training to build Muscle and Promote Longevity

Book: Siim Land – Stronger by Stress; Adapt to Beneficial Stressors to Improve Your Health and Strengthen Your Body

Book: Siim Land – Metabolic Autophagy: Practice Intermittent Fasting and Resistance Training to build Muscle and Promote Longevity (Metabolic Autophagy Diet Book 1)

Book: Siim Land – Metabolic Autophagy Cookbook: Eat Foods That Boost Autophagy, Balance mTOR for Longevity and Build Muscle (Metabolic Autophagy Diet Book 2)

Podcast: Bulletproof Radio

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