Monday, May 29, 2023
Cold Thermogenesis

Using Red Light Therapy for Health and Wellness with Sarah Turner

Did you know that you can use light to boost your health and wellness? Watch as special guest, Sarah Turner, as she goes deep into Red Light Therapy for Health and Wellness.

You will learn:

– Science behind red light therapy
– Difference in red light vs other colors (example: infrared sauna that has changing colors)
– Using red light therapy for immunity – covid 19
– Using red light therapy as a form of biohacking (can also talk about other methods of biohacking – structured water, grounding, cold thermogenesis, magnetism)
– Circadian therapy
– Comparison of wall panels and hand held device (can show us how hand held works)

Originally from the U.K, Sarah has degrees in Psychology with Biology, -Nutritional Medicine and a masters in Clinical Neuroscience. She has a scientific research background starting in the pharmaceutical industry, later in the field of novel therapeutic devices and photo-bio-modulation. 

Sarah has interviewed some of the world’s most prolific thought-leaders and experts in health and performance, and she brings her passion for communicating groundbreaking scientific ideas to the start-up PBM company ‘Recharge’.
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