Thursday, July 29, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mighty Mighty Mitochondria w/ Dr. Richard Vuksinic

Today my wild and wonderful co-host Dr. Richard Vuksinic and I dive deep into cellular metabolism as it pertains to our evolutionary biology and rewilding. Why is cellular metabolism important? How is it relevant to rewilding? The story of how we evolved from a single-celled organism and became able to create energy from oxygen is where we begin. It is important because the story of these ancient bacteria we call mitochondria are why we are here in this form today. Plus understanding how these ancient bacteria evolved and working with them through rewilding practices can decrease cellular dysfunction and rewrite the current cultural biography the west has with ageing. When we engage in activities that are commonly considered to be part of a rewilding lifestyle we are by default building resilient mitochondria. Healthy mitochondria function has its benefits, like ageing well and enhanced longevity. However building stronger mitochondria that are more resilient is a byproduct of rewilding, not necessarily the main reason one seeks to reconnect with the land and their local environment. But it is a darn good one and worth exploring in detail!  And though it is true all living things will die, by engaging in some of the rewilding practices we speak about today we can age well and live optimally well into older age. Enjoy the Show


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