Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

The Miracle Morning Routine for Peak Performance of Advanced Biohacker Eduard De Wilde

“Consider your lifestyle as a system. I like to approach diet and work as a system. Once you know how things work and what is effective for you, you can adjust them easily based on your needs at that moment. It gives you a lot of freedom instead of anxiety when you follow a strict regimen and deviate from the path.”

Find your morning routines for peak performance

What are the morning routines you should implement in your daily routine? How can you become more productive? How can you biohack work?

A healthy lifestyle is vital for peak performers. But it costs you willpower if you have to decide each day which item you choose to implement. You only have a certain amount of willpower per day. You want to reserve that for the most important decisions of that day. That’s why it makes sense to implement a morning ritual to make lifestyle choices a habit. Once it is a habit, it doesn’t cost you willpower anymore.

Eduard De Wilde is a well-known European biohacking authority. In his own words he is, in no particular order, a father, husband, athlete, consultant, entrepreneur and amateur chef. He has been interested in nutrition and health for years. Since September 2016 he has been a certified Bulletproof Coach.

Eduard discovered biohacking though his personal health struggles resulting from anti-malaria medication. He spent a decade researching various methods of biohacking in depth and now wishes to share his knowledge with others. This has led Eduard to develop online courses themed around longevity and ketogenic lifestyle. He has also founded LiveHelfi (an online store for European biohackers) and NoordCode (a high quality brand for foods and supplements to support a healthy lifestyle.

Elements of your morning ritual could be:
Cold Thermogenesis
Infrared light


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